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Beergardens and summer plans

Summer is finally here! Yay! Well, it was here at least, but seeing that it’s actually raining at the moment – who knows, it is England after all. It’s still pretty warm outside though so I haven’t given up on hope just yet. Last week was just amazing – it was ridiculously warm in London and I made it my mission to go to as many beergardens as I possibly could (afford). I made it to a total of three beergardens plus one trip to the park, which I think is a pretty good achievement for a week’s work.


I went to the Duke of Edinburgh in Brixton on Wednesday, the Junction Tavern in Kentish Town on Thursday and to The Commercial in Herne Hill for a Sunday lunch. I can’t really pick a favourite as they were all quite different: I would recommend Duke of Edinburgh for after work drinks with a group of friends (there’s so much space!), the Junction Tavern for a quiet drink with a good friend to catch up and The Commercial for that amazing Sunday lunch.


The pictures below are from the massive beergarden of The Duke of Edinburgh which was a very pleasant surprise – it was so easy to find a seat, but at the same time there were so many people and the atmosphere was really lively. I’m definitely going back there many times during this summer – if only the weather permits of course!



I’ve been mentally making a list of things I still want to do this summer and I thought I would share my top 3 with you – maybe you’ll find some inspiration from it. Although to be fair, it’s not the most innovative list of them all.. Ahem.


Brighton or another seaside town


I told you, not very innovative, right? But I love Brighton! I haven’t been there in a few years, which feels like a crime, as surely it should be visited every single summer if you live in London. I have been considering my options to go and try out one of those other seaside towns that I’m sure are equally lovely, but I don’t know, Brighton just has a special place in my heart. Especially after becoming a vegetarian I’ve been wanting to visit again because I keep hearing about all these amazing food places they have in there. It always comes back to food, doesn’t it?


Lido day


I have a confession to make: I’ve lived in England now for 3.5 years in a row and four years in total, and I haven’t been to a single lido yet! I’ve heard great things about them, especially about these two in South London: the Tooting one with it’s colourul changing booths sounds amazing and the one in Herne Hill is supposed to be one of the biggest and is only about a 20 minutes away from me. The plan is to go to one of them this Saturday (please come out sun, please) and spend a few hours just basking in the sun, swimming and possible having a few ice creams and cold beverages. I can’t wait!


Rooftoop wining and dining


The Television Centre in White City have transformed their rooftop into a combination of a few different restaurants and bars and it looks amazing. I have been so excited to try this out since I first read about it from Time Out a while back – and the best thing is that it’s actually on my way home from work! They have partnered with four pretty well known restaurants: Rabbit, LeCoq, Patty & Bun and Salt Yard and I just can’t wait to go and eat my heart out whilst admiring the view. I’ll report back, but I think we all know it will be pretty great!



Has anyone made a summer list, and, if so, what’s on it? I need to know!


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  • NOTHING beats having a drink outside in the summer, it really is the best!! The Duke of Edinburgh looks so so good – I just wish I lived closer!

    Sarah xxx http://www.whatsasssays.com

    • Definitely! At least you know where to go if you ever come to Brixton, haha! 🙂

  • Ohh yes Pergola on the roof was so good! I've also never been to a lido actually, really need to get that sorted!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Ooh good to hear that it's good – I think I'm going this Friday and I can't wait!

  • You can't beat a good beer garden for the classic English summer's evening. I used to go to Lido's all the time as a child but haven't been for at least 15 years (which makes me feel so old), just prepare for the cold haha! Also rooftop dining is gorgeous, the Harvey Nichols one is perfect for a catch up with friends!


    • Haha maybe there's a goal for both of us this summer – go to a lido!

      I've not heard of the Harvey Nichols one before but I will definitely check it out now, thanks for the tip! 🙂 xx