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Lunch at Brindisa Tapas, Soho 

Review of Brindisa Tapas London Soho


I’m forever looking for the best tapas place in London (although I’m by no means an expert, just an enthusiast!), and I’ve tried quite a few places in London from mediocre (I’m looking at you Mas Q Menos) to amazing (Boqueria). And now, after visiting Brindisa Tapas in Soho, I’ve got a new contender for my number one spot.


Brindisa is a small group of Spanish restaurants with locations in Rupert Street, Borough Market, Shoreditch, South Kensington, and, of course, Soho. I have wanted to visit their Soho restaurant as long as I can remember, but due to their no-bookings policy (although I have now learned that they do actually take bookings until 6pm!) I never did because I was worried about all the possible queuing. Now, I’m not sure how long these queues get, but after my amazing experience there on my birthday, I’m definitely more than happy to wait in line a bit to eat there again…


The Soho restaurant is quite small, but they have managed to squeeze in quite a few seats without it feeling rammed. We were seated on bar stools by the open kitchen, where we could watch the talented chefs at work (I loved sitting here!). The restaurant has two rooms, with the back room (where we were seated) being slightly lighter due to its big ceiling windows, and the front room a bit darker and maybe a bit more atmospheric.


Menu of Brindisa Tapas London Soho

Interior of Brindisa Tapas London Soho

Interior of Brindisa Tapas London Soho

Cocktails in Brindisa Tapas London Soho

Cocktails in Brindisa Tapas London Soho


We started off with cocktails – me with the Paloma Primavera with tequila and blood orange juice, and my boyfriend with Blanco Picante with gin and elderflower. Both were really refreshing and perfect for the very hot day that it was –  I wish I could have one now actually as I’m not coping so well with this heat..!


Review of Brindisa Tapas London Soho

Review of Brindisa Tapas London Soho


They had two types of bread at Brindisa and we, of course, ordered one of each to share. The first was a toasted bread with garlic, herbs and olive oil and it was SO tasty. Especially when you got to the middle bits with all the garlicky oily goodness.


The second bread we tried was called Pan de Coca and it was quite similar to Pan con Tomate which I’ve had in other tapas restaurants and absolutely love. Maybe someone with better understanding of the Spanish cuisine will be able to tell me what the difference is with these two, but whatever it is, I loved the Pan de Coca too and would definitely have it again. The freshness of the tomatoes and the sea salt worked together like a dream – it was the perfect combination!


Croqueta in Brindisa Tapas London Soho


This one was called Bomba and it was a deep fried potato and vegetable croqueta served with a garlicky chilli sauce. Absolutely fantastic.


Patatas Bravas in Brindisa Tapas London Soho


These, for me, were the stars of the show. I might be a bit boring, but whenever I go to a tapas restaurant, I have to order patatas bravas. The best I’ve had so far were in the aforementioned Boqueria (and I’ve had them many times), but these ones from Brindisa are a serious contender.


They were perfectly crispy on the outside and lovely and fluffy on the inside, and the sauce they were served with was SO good. It was actually pretty similar to the sauce the croqueta was served with, and it was just beautiful. I’d go back and queue just for these if I’m being completely honest… Although it doesn’t hurt that the rest of the experience from service to the lovely decor was really great too. Much recommend!



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  • That croqueta looks so yummy! I’d definitely like to give all of those dishes a try (and a couple of cocktails too) – yum!

    • Laura Torninoja

      It was SO good! Would definitely recommend it 🙂 x

  • Brindisa has been on my ‘to eat’ list for so long! I absolutely love tapas, although I end up eating SO MUCH when I go for them!

    • Laura Torninoja

      You have to go – it’s SO nice! I always over eat too haha, just one of the pitfalls of going for tapas! x

  • Wow!! Looks stunning! What a great place to lunch!

    a life of a charlotte


    • Laura Torninoja

      Yeah it was so lovely, I would recommend a visit! x

  • Michelle Newby

    I just stumbled across your blog and i love it!! I’m an expat living in Germany, but luckily work brings me to London quite often. I am saving this restaurant for the next time i’m there!



    • Laura Torninoja

      Aww thanks so much! Hope you get to visit this restaurant too, it’s such a gem! x

  • Caitlin

    That drink you had looked delicious!

    Beauty & Colour | Vegan Lifestyle Blog

    • Laura Torninoja

      It was SO good and refreshing!

  • Hayley Rubery

    Wellllll this sounds V dreamy – Gin & Elderflower cocktail.. umm YES PLEASE!

    Hayley xo

    • Laura Torninoja

      It was VERY, very dreamy! I can’t wait to go back x

  • Ana

    how fun! I love a good tapas place. I will have to remember to try them, next time I’m in London!