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My favourite Summer salad with strawberries

I’m well aware that as I’m posting this the weather is, well, slightly less summery than it has been recently. But, as I’m sure that the sun will still come back many, many times this summer, I decided to post this anyway – think of it as inspiration for the future!


All the credit for this recipe goes to my mum who first did this salad for me this April when I was visiting Finland for Easter. I had never thought about putting strawberries into a salad, let alone pairing them with something as salty as halloumi and guacamole, but somehow it worked perfectly and I was immediately a convert. So, when the heatwave struck last week, this was the only dish I wanted to eat all of the time.



Start with the base: I used a bag of mixed leaves, but really this up to your preferences: you could use lettuce, spinach, rocket – completely up to you!



Add your favourite veggies. I went with halved cherry tomatoes, cucumber and bell peppers.



Add your lovely, sweet strawberries – I cut mine into four little quarters.



Fry up your halloumi and add it to the top of your salad.



Finish your salad off with adding a good dollop of guacamole to the top. You could use store bought if you want, but it’s also really easy to make your own quick version from scratch. Just mush your avocados, squeeze in a clove of garlic and add some spices such as chilli flakes, salt, pepper and a bit of cumin. Yum!

And most importantly: enjoy!


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  • Ellie Adams

    So this looks DIVINE!!! Absolutely love a bit of halloumi and strawbs together!


    • Laura Torninoja

      It’s the BEST combination!! xx

  • Oh my goshhhh, this salad actually looks mouthwateringly good! I’ve never had strawberries in a salad before but I bet it’s nice and refreshing 🙂 the halloumi caught my eye – I love halloumi SO MUCH!!


    • Laura Torninoja

      Thank you! You should seriously try strawberries in a salad – it’s surprisingly good! xx

  • Hayley Rubery

    Okayyyyyyy so I’m actually going to make this for lunch today haha – it looks SO delicious! I was just talking to my friend the other day about strawberries in salads haha, I’m a fan and she is sadly not! Who can’t love a strawberry though?! Thank you for sharing lovely, that’s lunch sorted! 🙂

    Hayley xo

    • Laura Torninoja

      Yay – I hope you like it! I had never tried strawberries in a salad before this year either, but to my surprise they do really work. Maybe you’ll make a convert out of your friend yet! xx

  • Joanne

    Ahhh this looks so great! I never have strawberries in my salad, but this plate looks really nice (more colors make food more appealing, perhaps? Hahaha) The thing I love most is actually how you took these photos! They look so vibrant and clean, like they were professionally done in a studio!
    I just stumbled upon your blog, I absolutely love it! I’d love if we can follow each other on Bloglovin maybe? Do let me know 🙂 Have a nice rest of the week x

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

    • Laura Torninoja

      Aww thank you SO much! More colours always make food look prettier, definitely, but I promise you strawberries in salads do actually work haha. It’s so good!

      I’ll go have a look at your blog now xx

  • ella ryder

    This sounds absolutely delicious! I love strawberries so don’t know why I’ve never thought to put them in a salad!

    Ella xo