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Pergola on the Roof, White City

Let the rooftop season begin!

Pergola on the Roof in White City is a lovely pastel paradise at the top of the old BBC television centre’s car park, which might not sound like a the most glamorous setting ever, but it honestly is such a wonderful experience. My first impression after stepping out of the dark lift was how bright everything was – it kind of felt like we’d arrived to a Mediterranean beach holiday!

The ground was filled with white pebbles (let’s just say that my heels weren’t the most sensible footwear choice!) and the little “roof” above the tables and food stalls had all sorts of hanging plants giving the space a bit of greenery. The walls and the food huts were all painted with pastel murals and bright colours and there was also a beautifully designed bar area that was completely bare without any sort of roof – perfect for those sunny summer days!

Pergola on the roof review
Pergola on the roof beer garden
Pergola on the roof rooftop
Pergola on the roof

Food & drink

There are four different food huts at Pergola on the Roof: Patty & Bun for burgers, Breddos Tacos for Mexican food, Salt ‘N’ Sauce for fish & chips and 8 Hoxton Square for Mediterranean fare. I had already had dinner at work before we left, so only needed a bit of something to snack on for which the tortilla chips & guacamole from Breddos Tacos were a perfect fit. The chips were crispy and salted just right and the guac was super flavourful. Next time I’m definitely gonna go with an emptier stomach..!

Drink-wise Pergola on the Roof is very well equipped too as they have a bit of everything from stronger spirits to wine, beer and cider. AND cocktails! As it was a beautiful summer day I was really craving an ice cold cider (they have two flavours by Rekordelig – a strawberry and lime one and a regular apple one) but a mojito or a frozen margarita would have definitely done the trick too.

Pergola on the roof Salt n sauce
Pergola on the roof 8 hoxton square
Pergola on the roof breddos tacos
Pergola on the roof bar
Pergola on the roof

The most amazing thing about Pergola on the Roof is that you can book beforehand. Living in an age of endless queues to trendy no-reservations places it was so refreshing to go somewhere that was so excitingly different as this but also not have to worry about it being too busy and not getting a table. I’m just not about that queuing life – there’s so many better things to do with your time! I would also note that this place is very popular, so when you are booking a table, make sure to do so with as much notice as you can.

Here’s to long and warm summer nights spent on rooftops (sitting down with tacos and a drink because you’re the best and have booked a table).

Pergola on the Roof, Multi-Storey Car Park, Television Centre, Wood Lane, London W12 7RJ

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  • I really want to try Pegola on the Roof it looks fab!

    • Laura Torninoja

      You should – it was super lovely! x

  • Oh my what a cute place! This is indeed a pastel paradise. This place somehow reminds me a lot of hipster cafes in Bali x


    • Laura Torninoja

      Aww I can just imagine that! I’d love to visit Bali one day. xx

  • I’m heading there in a couple of weeks for a friend’s birthday, can’t wait to see what it’s like and almost certainly grab a Patty and Bun burger. Yum!

    • Laura Torninoja

      Ooh you’ll love it so much – I really want to go back too! A Patty & Bun burger is definitely next on my list too… xx

  • Courtney Livingston

    I love all the colors! Looks like a beautiful place to eat at during the summer.
    Courtney // courtneylivin.com

    • Laura Torninoja

      It really is – I can’t wait to go back! xx

  • This looks amazing, I love all the pretty colours and candy stripes! I have to go here when I’m next in London, perfect summer spot 🙂
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

    • Laura Torninoja

      Yes you definitely should – it’s such a lovely spot! There’s another one in Paddington that I’m yet to try but it looks amazing too xx

  • Love this place so much, it’s gorgeous!

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

    • Laura Torninoja

      Me too – it’s SO lovely isn’t it! x