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Al fresco dining in Pizza Pilgrims, Kingly Court

Pizza Pilgrims Kingly Court Review


My dear family was visiting me in London last weekend and we spent one day exploring Windsor and Eton (so lovely – would definitely recommend for a daytrip!) and another roaming around central London. We ended our London day with a lovely dinner at the Kingly Court branch of Pizza Pilgrims, and, because I enjoyed myself so much, I decided to share it with you too!


I’ve had Pizza Pilgrims once before and I remember loving the dough and the tasty tomato sauce so much, but for some reason I managed to let a few years pass before visiting again. I think the reason might be that there’s just too many places in London to keep up with it all – or at least that’s what I tell myself!


The branch we went to is a part of the outside space in Kingly Court, which is the perfect place to eat out when the weather is nice. Which, luckily for us, it has been on most days this summer!


Pizza Pilgrims Kingly Court Review Pizza Pilgrims Kingly Court Review Pizza Pilgrims Kingly Court ReviewPizza Pilgrims Kingly Court Review


We started off with drinks – me with an Aperol Spritz (I’m calling it practice for my upcoming week in Italy!) and my dad and his wife with ales from the Brixton Brewery. I’m not usually a beer drinker, but the one they had (American Pale Ale) was actually really nice – very fruity and refreshing. The little ones (my little sister and brother, that is!) had a coke each – they were on holiday after all..!


Pizza Pilgrims Kingly Court ReviewPizza Pilgrims Kingly Court ReviewPizza Pilgrims Kingly Court Review Pizza Pilgrims Kingly Court Review


For my main I chose, un-adventurously, my favourite, the Marinara pizza. It comes without cheese (which means it’s vegan too!) and the main star of the show is the beautiful tomato sauce. Theirs had lots of garlic, fresh basil along with lots of other herbs that I wish I could place (so I could recreate it, of course). And at only £5.50 per pizza, it’s so affordable too.


The rest of my family went with the the Salami, the Portobello & Truffle (Pizza Pilgrims has a total of three white pizzas, which means instead of tomato sauce the base is something else – in this case lots of cheese & truffle oil!) and the Smoked Napoli with black olives and capers. We all really liked our toppings and pizzas – I think the only “complaint” were the really thick crusts, but I imagine that’s completely a question of preference. I’m pretty sure this is the authentic way of doing things, but there will always be some people (=me) who will prefer thinner & crunchier edges..!


The overall environment of the restaurant is great too – the service is fast, and the people watching opportunities are amazing. Kingly Court has a lot of other restaurants as well which means that the atmosphere is always really vibrant and lively – it really is the perfect place to catch up with friends and family and soak up all those London vibes!


Pizza Pilgrims Kingly Court Review Pizza Pilgrims Kingly Court Review Pizza Pilgrims Kingly Court Review Pizza Pilgrims Kingly Court Review


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  • Yum – Pizza Pilgrims is so tasty! I’d love to know what is in their tomato sauce because it is highly addictive.

    • Laura Torninoja

      Ahh tell me about it – I could just eat that on its own haha! x

  • I love Pizza Pilgrims! It’s one of my favourite pizzas in London!

    • Laura Torninoja

      It’s so good – I need to try more of their toppings too! x

  • OMG I love Pizza Pilgrims it’s soooooo good! And they’re so nice there as well.

  • I’ve never heard of Pizza Pilgrims before but this looks so good and I can’t believe it’s only £5.50 a pizza! Hope you had a lovely time with your family chick x