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3 weekend trips I want to do in England

England weekend trip ideas


(Seeing as I have no photos of any of the places I’m about to mention, I decided to use these ones I took from the Mayfield Lavender Fields a few weeks ago because, well, I just really wanted to! *hides and runs away*)


I’m constantly planning new trips in my head, whether or not I can actually a) afford them b) make time for them. Lately my problem has been mostly option A as I’ve realised I’ve gone slightly overboard with the trips I’ve planned/already booked and now can’t really afford anything except saving to pay off said trips. But, I can’t completely stop planning, which is why I’ve made a little list in my head (and now here in the blog) of some weekend trip ideas for England I’d love to put in action when I can’t really afford to go anywhere else. 


Here’s my top 3 – what’s yours? 




I’ve been to Bath once, about 6 years ago, for a short daytrip and I completely fell in love with it. As someone who’s loved reading Jane Austen books and watching, and then re-watching the adaptations (Northanger Abbey is my favourite), Bath is the perfect place for me to visit. Its old townhouses and cobbled streets make you feel like you’ve stepped right into one of the books, and there’s also a Jane Austen museum to visit and a Jane Austen afternoon tea (!!) to be had. 


I’ve only ever spent a few hours in Bath and I’ve been itching to go back ever since. It’s achingly beautiful, full of history and lots of places to do and visit. I want to rummage through all of the independent shops, have tea and scones in one of the traditional cafes and just wander around the little streets, taking it all in. 


England weekend trip ideas




Again, I’ve visited York once and absolutely loved it, but it’s now been almost 10 years and I still haven’t gone back yet, even though I’ve been swearing I would do it for almost as long. What I loved about York the most was the history that was so present throughout the city. The castle, the old city walls and the lovely little Shambles street all added to the feeling of stepping back in time a little bit. 


It takes about two hours to get to York from London, so I really have no valid reason why I haven’t gone back in all these years, especially seeing as I always recommend it to everyone else planning city breaks. York really left a profound impact on me and I hope that writing it down on this list will finally be what I need to actually book a weekend away in there. 


England weekend trip ideas




I’ve been to many of the bigger cities in England, but I’ve still got a few to tick off too – one of them being Liverpool. Recently I’ve seen the city popping up in a lot of guides which has definitely peaked my interest even more, and I’m now actively checking if there are any really good deals to I could find so I could finally go. Unlike the first two places on this list, Liverpool is completely unfamiliar to me, other than knowing it as the birthplace of the Beatles. I’ve been looking into the city a lot recently though, and there’s quite a few things I’d like to do and see… 


As when travelling to most places, I’m always really drawn to nice architecture and with Liverpool it’s the beautiful skyline across the Mersey river and the industrial red brick buildings that I keep seeing in pictures. After the architecture I’m mostly excited to witness the cultural side of the city – the bustling little streets, the musical heritage (I’m really excited to visit The British Music Experience!) and the many restaurants and bars dotted all around the city. The more I research Liverpool, the more I want to go! Fingers crossed I can squeeze it in next year, if not this.


What’s your favourite UK day trip or a weekend trip destination? What should I add to my list?


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  • Interesting post – it was nice to hear about places you want to visit! I live in the North East so locally there’s quite a few nice spots. Saltburn-by-the-sea makes a great day trip as does The North York Moors. I haven’t been to York in a while, but it’s great for pottering around and doing a little shopping. Weekends away are a great way to unwind, I’m looking forward to one soon too! 🙂 xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    • Laura Emilia

      Thank you Helen! I need to remember those recommendations – especially love the sound of Saltburn-by-the-sea! xx

  • Great to know about these day trips—and I love how the first shot has a bit of life in it with a few people in the distance, making it more than just an empty road! 🔮🙏


    • Laura Emilia

      Thanks so much Kyle! 🙂


    I joke, but you really should squeeze in a visit 😉 xx

    • Laura Emilia

      Hahaha I WANT TO COME. Why is it so far?! :’D xx

  • Ohh yes all three of these are great locations! I really want to do more of Devon and Cornwall!

    • Laura Emilia

      Ooh yes me too! I’d love to visit Devon but will need maybe a long weekend to do it – why does it have to be so far?! :’D xx

  • Diana Maria

    Those lavender fields look so pretty! I’d love to visit each of these places especially Liverpool. I’ve visited England 3 or 4 times now, and each time I can never get enough, there is so much to see in this beautiful country! xx

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days

    • Laura Emilia

      Oh they were so pretty indeed! And I completely agree – England has SO many lovely places to visit. I’ve got so many cities on my list already! xx

  • I’d really like to go to York too, partly beacuse I want to go to Betty’s tea room, as it looks absolutely amazing!

    • Laura Emilia

      Oohhh me too, so much! It looks so lovely. xx

  • I love Bath, it’s such a beautiful city (Northanger Abbey is my favourite Jane Austen book too btw!) I’d love to visit some places further south west, I’ve never been to Devon or Cornwall but I’ve heard so many good things! xx


  • I’d love to head back to York too – the last time I went must have been about 13 years ago! I’ve never been to Manchester or Cornwall, and I’d love to visit both of those cities. Liverpool is a fab city!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

  • Your photos are absolutely beautiful ☺️ Bath is the idyllic destination for a weekend break in the UK – it is almost too pretty! York is one that I have always wanted to visit and completely missed out on when I studied in Durham two years ago. But on that note, I would recommend Durham 100% – especially around October/November/December when it is just so cosy and quaint!

    Blushing Lately