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Afternoon tea bus tour of London by B Bakery

London afternoon tea bus tour review


I love afternoon tea.


That said, I don’t get to have it that often as it is a fairly pricey treat, and I often tend to spend my pounds on something where I get a bit more for my money. But, of course, I will always make an exception for a special occasion…


This time the special occasion was my friend’s hen party, and so last Saturday afternoon I headed towards the Victoria Coach Station to board the red vintage doubledecker bus that would take us around all the big London sights, with simultaneously serving us delicious cakes & other treats.


red doubledecker afternoon tea bus afternoon tea bus tour sandwiches afternoon tea bus tour pastries afternoon tea bus tour crockery


The bus was absolutely lovely inside, with tables full of vintage crockery and SO MUCH FOOD. The top tier was reserved for sweet things – chocolate cupcakes, lemon curd pastries and other little colourful treats. The second tier was the savoury one with lots of different options and quite a few of them vegetarian as well. I devoured almost all of the cucumber sandwiches (whoops!) and very much enjoyed the mini baguette with tomato, pesto & cheese too.


I was boring and chose water as my drink instead of tea, as I was slightly worried about motion sickness (I needn’t have been – the driver was very good and it wasn’t a bumpy ride at all!), so really just wanted something refreshing. Other people went for teas and coffees, but you could also choose a homemade lemonade (I gave it taste and it was very refreshing!) which would be a nice option if you don’t like hot drinks but a water feels too boring an option too. You will be also be able to bring your own wine/prosecco to drink for a corkage fee of £5 per bottle.



afternoon tea bus tour presentation afternoon tea bus tour mug afternoon tea bus tour london

afternoon tea bus tour scones


After you’ve had some time to enjoy the sandwiches and pastries on both tiers, there’s still one final treat to save space for. Everyone gets a little (warm!) scone towards the end of the journey, with a tiny pot of cream and strawberry jam each. After we were served ours, I got to witness the most English of debates ever – which goes first, cream or jam? Which team are you in? As a Finn I’m not that fussed, but putting cream first does seem less messy to me *hides away*…


The bus’s route is the perfect for playing tourist. It goes past all the most important London sights: Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace, amongst so many others. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as smug as I did when we were driving through Oxford Street, feeling safe in the knowledge that I didn’t have to worry about the crowds and was instead sitting down in the cutest vintage doubledecker sipping sparkling wine, not in a hurry to get anywhere… A perfect moment, if you ask me!


The afternoon tea bus tour is hosted by B Bakery and costs between £45 to £63 each.





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18 comments so far.
  • Ahh this looks like an amazing day, especially for a hen do! Hope you had a fab time, the food looked amazing!!
    a life of a charlotte

    • Laura Emilia

      Thanks Charlotte, it was so lovely! I really want to do it again haha xx

  • This looks amazing, and I hope your friend had an amazing hen do and all goes well for the wedding! The food looks really good too and I love the sound of the lemonade!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • Laura Emilia

      I think she had a great time – I hope so anyway haha! The food was sooo yummy and I really want to go back already! xx

  • Omg they all look delicious!


    • Laura Emilia

      They were so yummy! x

  • wow ! what a great idea . Although I ‘ll probably be car sick or shall i say bus sick. Great pictures 🙂


    • Laura Emilia

      I know, I thought it was such a fun idea too! I was afraid of getting ‘bus sick’ as well but it turned out to fine – the driver was very good! 🙂 xx

  • Diana Maria

    This is such an amazing idea! London is a wonderful city, this food looks so good and I’m glad you didn’t get motion sickness! I’d worry of the same thing too haha xx

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days

    • Laura Emilia

      Haha I’m so glad I didn’t either – I was so worried! I’m so happy I went for it as it was such a great experience xx

  • Nicôle

    How gorgeous is this! I would love to experience this haha! My friends are planning my hen do in Barcelona! I hope it’ll be as sophisticated as this!!


    • Laura Emilia

      Ooh I’m sure it will be – Barcelona is such a great city to go for your hen! Hope you have the best time xx

  • You did it the Devonshire way!! Congratulations you’ll fit right in 😉 xx

    • Laura Emilia

      Haha YES, amazing! It’s the best way, clearly.. xx

  • I absolutely love going for Afternoon Tea! I’ve wanted to try this afternoon tea for ages but was worried I’d feel sick eating on a bus – but it’s reassuring to hear it was a smooth ride! 🙂 I think I’ll definitely have to book this for my mum’s birthday now! 😀


    • Laura Emilia

      Ooh definitely book it for her birthday – it would be such a lovely present! I get motion sickness quite easily, but was fine on this ride so that definitely says something! Just make sure to sit the right way round (though I’m sure you would anyway!) 🙂 xx

  • Oh what a fun idea!!

    • Laura Emilia

      It’s such a cool concept, isn’t it? x