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Drinks and tacos at Pergola Paddington Central

Pergola Paddington Central bar


Alfresco drinking and dining in Paddington


This post will (probably) be my last summery one, seeing as the temperatures are starting to rapidly drop. But, I do still have hope that September will still have some sunny days in store, so I thought you might want to know about this gem of a place.


Pergola Paddington Central is one of the two alfresco bars (although it’s so much more than that too!) by the Pergola group, with the other one being their rooftop bar in White City. It’s divided into two floors, with a big bar in each floor, and 5 different restaurant stalls on the lower floor. According to their website, they have space for almost 900 people with 850 seats and 7 daybeds (!), and the best thing is that you can actually book! And, book you should, because it was very busy when we went, and you wouldn’t want to be left awkwardly standing around!


Pergola Paddington Central entrance

Pergola Paddington Central interior

Pergola Paddington Central interior

Pergola Paddington Central interior

Pergola Paddington Central interior

Pergola Paddington Central interior

Pergola Paddington Central drinks


How is it like?


As this is the sister bar to Pergola on the Roof, it’s also very colourful and has lots of neon signs and beautifully painted walls, with lots of plants hanging from the ceiling. In the upstairs bit you get to be 100% under the stars (can’t guarantee you’ll see any though – it is London after all…), but the downstairs bar is weatherproof, yet still somehow maintaining the feeling that you’re outside as the walls aren’t completely closed off. This means that towards the evening it will get a bit chilly, so remember to dress appropriately (hi, grandma here).


What are the food options like?


As mentioned above, there are five restaurants in Pergola Paddington, all located in the lower floor: Patty & Bun for burgers, Mamalan for Chinese, Decatur for grill and seafood, Raw Press for healthy plant based and raw food & DF Mexico for tacos and nachos. I, of course, went for the Mexican.


I’ve been to DF Mexico once before and had such a great experience, which meant that there was no way I was going to be adventurous and try something else – it had been way too long since I had had their lovely tacos! I was going to go for the regular veggie taco with roasted peppers and courgette, but just before ordering I saw that their daily special was vegetarian too – and it sounded amazing. It had plantain, crumbled feta, crunchy slaw and chilli sauce and I was sold from the first bite. I hope it doesn’t just stay as a special and makes its way to the main menu too, because I would  definitely go back for this!


And the entertainment?


On the weekends Pergola has DJ:s too, and there’s definitely a very lively and buzzy atmosphere in the downstairs bit which just gets busier the later it gets. It never got too much though – probably because we had our own table and the queues to the bar and food never felt too long (although, the earlier you get your food the better!). It does get a little loud towards the little hours though, so be prepared to raise your voice a bit if you want to carry on a conversation!


Overall I think I can speak for everyone else when I say that we had a great time, and that the venue was the perfect combination of a dinner and a night out. It closes before midnight too, which is the perfect excuse to get home early..!




Pergola Paddington Central bar

Pergola Paddington Central bar

Pergola Paddington Central food

Pergola Paddington Central food


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14 comments so far.
  • This place looks amazing! Loved the photos!

    Have a lovely day!

    xx Kris | https://dreamingofpink.wordpress.com

    • Laura Emilia

      Thanks so much! It really is worth visiting. x

  • editionemmagrace

    This looks so divine! LOVE your photography also 🙂 xx

    editionemmagrace – Lifestyle Blogger & Style Sharer

    • Laura Emilia

      Thank you so much! I really loved this place – would recommend visiting when you still can! xx

  • Good Tacos is a must!!! and this place certainly looks amazing! xx


    • Laura Emilia

      Yes, definitely agreed! Tacos are life haha xx

  • Amazing photos, looks like an amazing place!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

    • Laura Emilia

      Thank you very much! x

  • I’ve been longing to go there all Summer, I wish I made good use of the hot weather now and spent a sunny weekend there!


    • Laura Emilia

      Haha tell me about it – summer is always over way too quickly and you never remember to do all the things you said you would! Maybe we’ll still get a few sunny weekends before Autumn truly hits? xx

  • Hayley Rubery

    Oh love I’ve been wanted to visit here for the longest time – I keep seeing pictures all over Facebook and it looks AMAZING! I’m actually meeting a friend in London on Thursday and might suggest we try here – looks so good!

    Hayley xo


    • Laura Emilia

      It is SO amazing! Definitely suggest it to your friend – you won’t regret going! The one in White City is super lovely too. xx

  • Oh wow this place looks amazing! The food looks so delicious xx


    • Laura Emilia

      It was such a lovely place! And the food was yum-myyy. xx