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Small pleasures | Week 1

red wine the flask highgate


I know I’ve been attempting to do these Sunday posts for a while now, but I’ve just realised that the last one was in May… I put so much pressure on myself to have enough good pictures to share each week, that in the end I didn’t share anything at all. And, well, now I only have the weekends (and holidays) to take photos anyway, so I thought I’d stop stressing myself out and try something different.


I like the “happy things” posts I see around the Internet – they always put a smile on my face, and so I thought I’d try something similar myself. I got the idea of this simple pleasures list by an article in Stylist magazine about a new book by The School of Life called Small Pleasures, celebrating the little things in our everyday lives making us happy. I really liked that concept, so here’s my attempt to do something similar. Doing this list has already made me remember all the nice things that have happened just this week, so I think it’s already working…


Red wine & cosy pubs


I love a good pub, and I especially love a good, cosy, pub come autumn and winter time. I love hiding from grey skies and rain in an old pub with candles, cosy nooks and fairylights more than anything – and always preferably with a glass of red wine in my hand. I’m not very knowledgeable about wine (though I would love to learn how to distinguish different flavours better!) but there’s something so comforting about a glass of red on a cold and rainy day.


This picture above is taken in The Flask in Highgate, near Hampstead Heath, and it’s by far one of my favourite finds of this year. It’s so lovely!


Jane the Virgin is back


My favourite series find from the past year has got to be Jane the Virgin. I put off watching it for quite a long time, thinking it sounded ridiculous and a bit strange. Well, it is a bit ridiculous and a bit strange, but in the best way possible. The characters are lovable (even the ones you think you’ll hate in the beginning), the narrator is hilarious and most of all, the show has such a big heart. I’m so happy it’s finally back and that Netflix is streaming the episodes in real time. Happy days!


Autumnal photowalks


I met my friend Daria for a photowalk in and around South Kensington this morning and it was so lovely to walk around with someone who didn’t mind stopping every 5 minutes to take a picture of a cute house… We met in South Kensington, bought the cutest of eclairs from Maitre Choux and continued on to High Street Kensington via many a cute mews. Hopefully we can do it again soon – next time perhaps with a Christmassy theme!


A three day weekend


My friend Emmi from Finland flew to London on Thursday, and so I’ve taken the Monday off to hang out with her. We’re planning on doing a bit of shopping and a lot of eating (well, the eating part is mostly my plan…) and just wander around London, catching up. I know it’s just one extra day, but the weekend already feels so much longer. It really makes such a difference!


What’s been the little things you’ve been loving this week?

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  • Aw love these posts! So jeal of your long weekend, I would quite like one soon too! x

    • Hopefully you can have one soon! Do you have any annual leave left to use? xx

  • Joanne

    Photowalks sound like something I totally would LOVE to do with a friend, sounds like such a perfect day!

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

    • I would really recommend them – I felt so inspired afterwards! xx

  • Photowalks sound like the most lovely way to spend a weekend morning!
    Really love this post, and hope you do continue them ✨

    • It really is – I love doing them! Thank you very much xx

  • What a lovely little list, its great that your friend for Finland is visiting! I look forward to reading your small pleasures posts, no matter how sporadic they are xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

    • Thank you lovely Lynsey! I hope to make them more frequent than they have been – fingers crossed! I hope you’re doing well xx

      • I’ll be here reading no matter when they appear! 🙂

        Thanks for asking, I’ve actually been quite ill for the past couple of weeks, hense the absolute radio silence on the internet, but I am getting better slowly and will (hopefully) get back into blogging again when I’m fully recovered 🙂 Hope you are okay! xx

        • Aww oh no! I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better though *insert the flex muscle emoji here*. Sending all the curing vibes!

          I’m good too – going to Rome next week and I can’t waaaiiit! xx

          • Ahh I think I spoke too soon, Im poorly again! hahah thanks for the well wishes though lovely <3

            OH GOLLY YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE THE BEST TIME! Ahhh eat ALL the gelato and drink sooo much italian coffee! I am so jealous! Enjoyy xx

          • Awww oh no!! You’ll beat it soon xx

            Thank you so much – I will eat ALL of the food. And drink a few aperol spritzes too… xx

  • This is a lovely idea for a post – and I’m now contemplating picking up that book when I get paid tomorrow! Cosy pubs in autumn are just the most wonderful thing!

    • Thank you so much Milly! I really want to read that book too – preferably in a cosy pub setting haha… xx

  • Diana Maria

    A nice, cozy pub- yes to that! I love going out for a drink and chatting with friends at a pub. I’m the same way with putting pressure on myself to have enough great photos, so much so that I then end up posting way too rarely! I really enjoy these kinds of posts and definitely think you should keep them up xx

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days

    • Aww thank you so much for such a kind comment – I will definitely try to keep these up! xx

  • This is such a wonderful idea for a blog post, and also quite humbling! It’s so nice to see an almost haul post of things that aren’t materialistic goods but instead, small pleasures! You should definitely keep up these posts!

    Bekki / http://www.filler-chapters.com x

    • Thank you so much, I will definitely try my best! Writing these put a massive smile on my face xx