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An afternoon in Venice, Italy

An afternoon in Venice: Canals


I travelled to Venice in August (so hot!) with two of my friends, and I thought it was about time I shared some photos and thoughts with you!


We were actually supposed to stay in Venice for a night and explore it properly, but when we were booking hotels we couldn’t find anything that wasn’t super expensive, so in the end we opted to stay in a nearby town of Padua (or Padova, as the locals call it) where we found a 4-star hotel for much cheaper than anything we had seen in Venice. Padua is half an hour from Venice by train, but it’s also a lovely place to visit on its in merit. It’s also equally close to the Venice Treviso airport as Venice itself, and there’s direct buses from the Marco Polo airport too.



An afternoon in Venice: Canals


This is pretty much the first thing you see when you get out of the train station – not bad, right?


An afternoon in Venice: ArchitectureAn afternoon in Venice: ArchitectureAn afternoon in Venice: CanalsAn afternoon in Venice: Canals


I was expecting Venice to be ridiculously busy, but it actually wasn’t that bad at all. Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of people there, but some side streets (which were still by the canal!) were really empty and even I, who gets really frustrated in big crowds, didn’t complain at all. It might be because we visited during a weekday at the end of August, but honestly, don’t let the bad reviews of the city put you off – it really is such a beautiful place and definitely worth a visit. That said, one day is probably enough…


If you have the chance, do check out some restaurant suggestions before going. We didn’t think of doing this, and ended up paying more than we probably would have had to if we had researched a bit more. It also helps with finding a place with a good, varied menu – ours didn’t have the biggest selection and my friend who’s a celiac had to go for octopus, which – to put it lightly – is not one of her favourite foods. So yes, learn from our mistakes and do your research before going!


An afternoon in Venice: Spritz TimeAn afternoon in Venice: RestaurantsAn afternoon in Venice: ArchitectureAn afternoon in Venice: ArchitectureAn afternoon in Venice: ArchitectureAn afternoon in Venice: Sea Views


Overall I really enjoyed our daytrip to Venice and even wished we’d had a few extra hours to spare – there were lots of little streets still to be explored and lots of gorgeous architecture still to be photographed. I’d love to visit some of the other islands, such as the colourful Burano, one day too. But I guess it’s always good to have reasons to go back, right?





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21 comments so far.
  • Jaana Torninoja-Latola

    Oih, mitä kuvia. Venetsia-kuume kasvaa, mutta onneksi sitä pääsee hoitamaan ensi toukokuussa kolmeksi yöksi. 🙂

    • Kiitos! <3 Ai niin, ihanaa etta meette sinne! Toukokuussa siella on varmaan ihanan lammin jo!

  • such a beautiful place
    The Glossychic

  • The Sunday Mode

    Venice is so beautiful! I really loved going there as well, and I’d say taking the small boat trip across to Murano and Burano is worth it too 🙂

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • It really is! I definitely need to go back one day and experience the other islands too!

  • We went to Venice years ago and stayed on the cheaper Lido that time which meant catching the water taxi to the mainland and back every morning and evening. I would love to visit again, but this time stay on the mainland. Like you, we didn’t make it to Burano either but from pictures I’ve seen, it is beautiful x

    • I found one cheaper hotel as well, but as it was not on the mainland we decided not to go for it – I was too stressed I wouldn’t know how to use the public (boat) transport! I always get these weird travel anxieties..!

      Burano looks so beautiful – I’d love visit one day! xx

  • Beautiful photos! xx


  • Hayley Rubery

    Gurlllll your pictures look beautiful! I’ve always wanted to visit Venice and it’s firmly on my list now! I’m off to Italy for the first time ever this Friday and I cannot wait!

    Hayley xo

    • Thanks so much Hayley! Ooh where in Italy are you going? I’ve loved everywhere I’ve ever been in that country xx

  • Italy is the #1 place I wan to travel to next!! It’s my heritage and I love every post and picture I see! Have you been to any other parts of Italy? Where did you start when you first visited?

    • Aww I hope you get to travel there soon! I’ve been to Rome, Naples, Venice, Padova, Formia, Verona & Lake Garda – can you tell I’m obsessed with the country? I first visited Rome and I think it’s a great place to start – it’s amazing for a weekend trip and so beautiful! xx

      • Wow, that’s amazing!! I would love to one day, say I’ve been to all of those places too. I bet since Rome is so popular it’s also not as expensive to fly into as a smaller airport?

        • No, it’s not too expensive at all! We flew to the main airport with Alitalia which was £100 return, but flights to the smaller airport with RyanAir would have actually been half cheaper! x

          • Good to know!! I’ll have to make sure I check out all of the airports!!

  • Wow, what beautiful photos! I’ve been to Sorrento and Milan, but never Venice. It’s definitely on my list of cities to visit for 2018.

    Abigail Alice x

    • Thank you so much! How was Sorrento? I’d love to visit more places in Italy one day! xx

      • Sorrento was amazing. So relaxing, the food was incredibly and the locals are very friendly.

  • Omg beautiful photos!

    x Mariya