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My blogging goals for 2018

Get stuck in the Bloggers Course


I’ve been thinking of purchasing the Bloggers Course by Monica Stott of the Travel Hack for some time now, and when I heard (via the wonderful What She Said podcast) that it was on sale, I decided to finally go for it. I’ve decided that this is the year that I’m going to really take blogging seriously and devote proper time to it, and this course sounds like the perfect inspiration and catalyst for that.


I’m almost done with the first week and I’ve already made a massive tick list of things I need to look into or do for my blog so it’s already working! Has anyone else taken it before?


Be a part of the blogging community more


This is something that I really want to make happen! I’ve made a few friends through my blog and Instagram this year, and I’d love to continue doing so, and also cherish the relationships I’ve already built.


My problem is that I can be quite introverted in big groups, so l struggle to be completely myself in larger meetings and sometimes just retreat back to my shell. Still, I try to put myself forward and just go anyway, no matter how scared it might make me, because you’ll never know how lovely it might actually be. Usually I leave these things feeling accomplished and happy that I went, so it’s definitely always been worth it in the end.


Approach brands and make a media kit


This is probably the thing I’m most scared about! I’m not great at confrontation and I’m so afraid of rejection (even though I know it’s completely normal and a part of life!) so even though I’ve told myself for ages that I would start doing this, I still haven’t. I don’t have a big following, so there’s always that little voice at the back of my head saying I will be laughed at. In reality, of course, the worse thing they can say is just ‘no’.


I love that there’s been a bit more transparency in the blogging community recently about money and figures etc, otherwise I wouldn’t even know where to start. Rhianna Olivia especially has written a lot of really helpful posts, such as this one, on the subject which I refer back to constantly. My first step is to make a media kit which means stepping out of my little ignorance is bliss bubble and starting to look at numbers. Eek!


Post 3 times a week


When I started blogging regularly I posted three times each week, but soon I stopped doing it as I just didn’t think I was able to produce quality content and photos that I was happy with it so often, so I reduced it to two. Last year I’ve been trying to introduce a third post again, in various different formats, but it hasn’t really worked out for me.


I’m trying something different now (two photo heavier posts and one that’s more about musings and writing), so let’s see if I can keep this up! The plan is to put blogging ahead a lot of other things (aka binge watching Netflix) this year so I’m feeling good about the decision so far – but then again, it is only January 7th…


Be in more photos


This is going to be a hard one! I’d like there to be more of me here because I want my blog to feel more personal, but I’m struggling to find a way to do it in a way that feels natural. I’m not a fashion or a style blogger, so how do I put myself in the photos? I can get so uncomfortable in front of the lens! The last time I featured a photo of myself in this blog was in October (!) and I still feel really awkward about it.


I’ve been trying to look at other blogs that do this especially well (in travel or restaurant review posts, for example) to get inspired, and I think Little Miss Katy and The Londoner do this especially well. I think I just need to find my own style, but that will require relentless trying (and probably a frustrated boyfriend behind the lens…) and seeing what works, so wish me luck!

Did you make any life or blogging goals for 2018? I don’t usually make any promises but I thought I’d see how this goal setting thing works!


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  • Woo this is so exciting and they sound like fab goals! Mine are just to continue blogging and try and keep growing that Instagram! x

    • Thank you Jasmin! Growing Instagram is one of my goals too – as frustrating as it can sometimes be, it is still my favourite social platform! Your photos have been lovely lately, by the way – that Gloom and Grow course looks so good! xx

  • Joanne

    Haha “be in more photos” is so so true. I feel like it’s something I’m kind of pushing myself to get into, as a blogger and all. I used to hate it but I figure now I guess I gotta learn how to get used to it!
    Best of luck on all these blogging goals, especially the 3-posts-a-week one. That can be pretty challenging!
    Have a nice week xo

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

    • Thank you so much Joanne! Yep, being in photos can be so awkward but I guess it gets easier after a while! Fingers crossed, anyway! xx

  • I don’t usually make a blogging goals because I’m so lazy and has a bad habit of procrastinating but after going self-hosted I want to grow my blog by posting more and perfecting my photography skills.

    May all our wishes and goals come true xD


    • Haha I have that habit too but I’m trying to break out of it a little! Fingers crossed for us both! 😀

  • I’ve looked at the blog course several times and haven’t got around to doing signing up – I need to keep my eyes peeled for it going on sale again I hope it works well for you!

    Rachael Helpless Whilst Drying

    • It’s been so inspiring so far, I would definitely recommend it! x

  • Being in the community more is one of my goals for the year as well! X

  • The Sunday Mode

    I’d definitely recommend approaching brands, I started doing that last year and although it didn’t work out for me every time (by far! :p ) it was still a really good experience and I got to work with some great brands from doing that.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • I know, I really need to start doing it! It’s just so scary, but I’m sure it gets easier after a few times… *runs and hides away* 😀 Hearing it’s been worth it for you does give me a push in the right direction, though! x

  • I haven’t heard about this course but now I’m very interested. I’d love to try and approach brands myself more this year, also try to be in more photos could help as well. I want to wish you all the best with your goals! x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • I would definitely recommend the course, it’s been very good so far! Good luck for both of us on our goals – we can do it! x

  • We share pretty much the same goals, there are many blogging communities to join on Facebook. I’m also with you on being in more photos, it’s not alway easy but I guess that’s what audiences want to see alongside your content! Thanks for sharing Laura!

    Yasmin| http://www.yasmintells.com

    • Thanks for the lovely comment – hopefully by the end of the year we’ll both be a little bit better in front of the lens! x

  • Your blogging goals are very similar to mine this year! I’ve also just signed up for Monica Blogger Course and am really looking forward to getting stuck into it.

    I am with you on finding it difficult to include myself in more photos – but it is something I am really going to try to do more this year.

    Good luck with 2018!

    Emma x

    • Ooh, how exciting! How are you liking it so far? It’s making me feel so inspired and I’m only on week 2!

      Hope you’ve had a great start to 2018 xx

  • My boyfriend James made my media kit – it’s simple but effective! I really want to approach brands more this year, but I feel exactly the same about worrying about rejection. I really want to be more involved with the blogging community too! Fingers crossed for a fab 2018 🙂 xx

    • We can do it!! I’ve just started on my media kit and feeling super inspired – even if all my stats aren’t as high as I’d like them to be xx

  • I’m definitely trying to engage more too! And I also want to post more consistently but don’t want to stick myself to a rigid routine too much. Hopefully I’ll get into more of a rhythm of creating content I’m happy with though 🤗​ Looking forward to seeing how your year goes for you 😊​

    • I think that sounds like a great plan – it’s not great if blogging makes you feel too stressed out, either! xx

  • I also feel very awkward in front of the camera, so I understand how you feel! These are really good blogging goals, I’d like to engage more this year too 🙂 xx