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Brunch at Granger & Co, Clerkenwell

Brunch at Granger and Co


Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I ventured over to brunch to Granger and Co, which is a small chain of restaurants located in London’s Clerkenwell (where we went), Chelsea, Notting Hill and King’s Cross respectively, serving Australian food from breakfast and dinner to freshly squeezed juices and signature cocktails. The restaurants are the brainchild of food writer Bill Granger who has written 11 (!) cookbooks and also has lots restaurants in his native Australia.


The brunch menu is divided into drinks (fresh juices, smoothies, hot drinks…), bakery items, fruits & grains and savoury foods such as egg dishes and bigger plates combining lots of different things. The prices are a bit above average, but the service was wonderful and the food super tasty, so I’d say it’s definitely worth it!


Granger and Co decor Brunch at Granger and Co menu Brunch at Granger and Co: Flat white Brunch at Granger and Co: Flat white


We visited the Clerkenwell branch quite early last Saturday – I had actually booked a table already at 10am! I’ve found that if I leave brunch too late I get so hungry before it’s even time to leave the house, which means I’ll have to have a breakfast at home too, which in turn sort of defeats the point… Another good thing about going earlier is that it’s a lot quieter – there were only a few other tables occupied when we arrived.


We started off by ordering drinks – tap water for me and a flat white for Jim. I really wanted to try one of their smoothies (the berry and banana one sounded especially lovely!) but I thought that would make me too full to enjoy my “main” so, in the end, I decided against it. I kind of regretted it in the end as they looked really good!


I went for one of the “big plates” which consisted of courgette fritters, a quinoa, barley and shredded kale salad, halloumi and a good serving of zhoug paste (consisting of coriander, green chilies and cloves). I wasn’t sure about the kale salad bit (I thought it sounded a bit too healthy..!) but I actually ended up loving it and the rest of dish too. The fresh salad went really well together with the salty halloumi, and I really enjoyed the zhoug paste too – I’ve never had anything like it before!


Jim opted for poached eggs and sourdough toast with added roasted tomatoes (£2.80 – a bit steep but very good) and an avocado salsa (£2.00 – so yummy!) which was very, very tasty too.


Brunch at Granger and CoBrunch at Granger and Co: Poached eggs Brunch at Granger and Co: Avocado salsa


The poached eggs and avocado salsa – yum!


Brunch at Granger and Co: Roasted tomatoes


The roasted tomatoes…


Brunch at Granger and Co: Courgette Fritters


And my dish, courgette fritters and halloumi with the shredded kale salad. I’d love to try and recreate this at home one day!


Brunch at Granger and Co: Bakery Brunch at Granger and Co: Bakery


Granger and Co also have a lovely looking bakery section (don’t those swirl buns above look amazing?!) which I was dying to try too, but was just too full from all the lovely food I had already eaten. Definitely next time!


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  • Looks like a delicious brunch – especially the flat white! Granger & Co has been on my brunch bucket list for a while and your photos have definitely inspired me to go! Natalie x


    • You should really go – it was so lovely! I want to go back and try their sweet corn fritters and smoothies xx

  • Jaana Torninoja-Latola

    Tuli nälkä 🙂

  • Those fritters look yum! I always think an early brunch is the one, in NZ, brunch is literally between breakfast and lunch only so I’m always used to eating between 10 and 11! x

    • They were SO good! And yes, I think that makes so much more sense! That’s where the word comes from, after all! If I go too late I’ll just be extra hungry and will start eating with my eyes… :’D x

  • Appetizing! They look delicious and healthy. The muffin looks so delicious.

    Xeph Hipolito | multiverse

    • Yesss, so delicious! I didn’t try the muffin but it’s on my list… x

  • ɐllǝq

    They look delicious! I’ve never been to England but when I do i’ll definitely try them out xx

  • fantasy violet

    they look sooo delicious! will definitely try them out when I visit England!

  • Courtney Hardy

    The food looks so good there.

  • OMG need to go!!!


  • Drooling over the avocado salsa. Delish! :]

    // itsCarmen.com

    • It was SO good! I wish I’d chosen it myself as there’s only so many spoonfuls you can steal off of your boyfriend… x

  • This looks so good! That avocado salsa…yum! I’m actually in Clerkenwell a fair bit as my boyfriend’s parents live there – will have to check this spot out!

    • It was seriously yummy! You should totally go here, especially if you’re already in the area – you won’t regret it! xx

  • Ah i love it here! Your food looks amazing xx


    • It’s such a lovely place, isn’t it? The food was so good xx

  • I went to Granger and Co for lunch for the first time about a month ago, but the brunch looks SO GOOD!! Need to go!! xx

    • Ooh I’d now love to go for lunch too haha! The brunch was amaaazing though, would highly recommend! xx