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A London tick-list for the next 12 months

I think London is one of the most amazing cities in the face of the earth, and I’m so happy to call this place my home. But, I won’t always live here. It’s too big, too expensive, and too busy for the family I will eventually want to have. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think I’ll ever be small town girl, but I might just be a smaller (than London) town girl.


So, with that in mind, I thought it was time to start doing all the things I want to do in London while I still live here. This list is just scratching the surface, but they are the first things that popped into my mind. Most of them are about food – go figure…


Eating & drinking


1. Dress up and eat in the beautiful (but pretty posh) Chinese restaurant Duddels
2. Return to try the amazing pizza in The Goat, Chelsea
3. Tick off at least 5 places in Time Out’s top 50 cocktail bars list (which I have on my fridge door..!)
4. Have afternoon tea at Sketch
5. Finally try out the vegan fried chicken from Temple of Hackney
6. Step back in time and have a fancy cocktail in Mr Fogg’s Residence in Mayfair
7. Admire the views from Gong, the highest up bar in the Shard
8. Go to Biscuiteers and buy a few cute biscuits
9. Eat a massive pizza in Homeslice
10. Go to Franks rooftop in Peckham




11. See deer in Richmond Park (are they easy to find? Has anyone ever been?!)
12. Wander around (and probably get lost in) Epping forest
13. Admire the lavish decor and paintings of Leighton House Museum
14. Witness the sunset from the top of Alexandra Palace or Primrose Hill
15. Visit at least five new boroughs
16. Finally visit Museum of London
17. And while there, go to take photos of Barbican Conservatory too

Events and things to do


18. Go to at least one gig in the Dublin Castle
19. See a film in an outdoor cinema
20. Attend the ABBA exhibition in the Southbank centre
21. Also finally go see the Tove Jansson exhibition in Dulwich Picture Gallery


And finally…


22. Appreciate London more and moan about busy tubes less!


What’s on your list (for London or your own hometown)?


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  • I’ve been to Richmond Park a few times and I the deer seemed to just find you! You have to wander in a bit past the main entrances but then you spy them dotted around! x

    • Aww yay, I’m so excited to go now! I don’t think I’ve ever seen deer before 🙂 xx

  • There are some great things on this. Sketch is an experience, but not my favourite afternoon tea spot. And Homeslice is divine! I might have to start compiling my own London bucketlist. Laura x

    • Ahh yes I imagine Sketch will be more of a visual treat!

      I had lots of fun making this list so I’d definitely recommend it! xx

  • Love this list – I’ve always wanted to go to Sketch too! Richmond Park is my absolute favourite place and you can definitely spot lots of deer just from walking around! I’d also recommend walking from the park along the river back to Richmond – and stopping at Petersham Nurseries for coffee and cake on your way! Natalie x

    • Ooh thanks so much for the tip – I’ve heard so many good things about Peterham Nurseries! Fingers crossed for the deer, too xx

  • Thank you for writing this list – I’m moving to London TOMORROW so am very excited to be able to finally follow through on the advice from London based blogs eeeek! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

    • Ooooh that’s so exciting – welcome! Hope the moving went well! xx

  • ninegrandstudent

    This is such a good list – most of the foodie ones are also on mine! Richmond Park is gorgeous, usually it’s super-easy to spot deer just on a short walk, though we walked for three hours in there last weekend and didn’t spot a single one. I did manage to fall on my ass in fresh droppings though…


    • Thank you so much! Fingers crossed I’ll do more deer spotting and less falling on my ass – although, knowing my track record, that probably won’t happen :’D xx

  • We have the top restaurants on our fridge and working through them! Richmond Park is gorge, we drove through last weekend and saw loads, I don’t think I’ve ever not seen them! x

    • I love ticking things like that off! Wish I had more time and money to go through more of them, though xx

  • Ooooh I love this list idea! I absolutely love London too. My boyfriend lives in East London so I always get really excited coming here! I live in Essex, so that could be a good place for you! It’s busy and has great shops but it’s not *too* busy. I would love to go for Afternoon Tea at Sketch too, it looks incredible! xx

    • You need to make one, too – it was so much fun to come up with! My friend actually used to live in Essex and I really liked it, so I would definitely consider it! xx

  • Oh oh oh can we go to Temple of Hackney together?? ANDDDD go to Richmond Park? I would LOVE to see some deer! Lets go go go! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice