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Small pleasures | January 2018




I don’t know if it’s a January thing, but I’ve been feeling so motivated and excited about blogging recently! A part of it is definitely because I started doing The Bloggers Course, which has been really great so far. I’m only on my second week so far because I really want to focus on all the tasks properly, but I’m slowly but surely getting through it!




Who isn’t excited about this?! As long as I’ve “had” Netflix, I’ve been constantly complaining about Friends not being on it. There are so many moments when I just want to watch something I know will be good, instead of starting something new, and Friends is just perfect for that. I’ve seen it so many times but it always makes me laugh! Who’s your favourite character? Mine is Chandler – could he be any funnier?




I attended two food blogger events this week, which both made me ridiculously nervous, but both also left me feeling really accomplished and happy that I went by the time they were over. The first was a batch cooking class at Waitrose, which I loved so much (I’m actually eating the leftovers for dinner today!) and the second one was a food photography lesson (so interesting!) by Lucy Richards and an SEO lesson by iCrossing. I’ve posted a few photos of the cooking class below – doesn’t the food look so tasty? One of my blogging goals for this year was to be part of the community more, so, hopefully, I’ll get to go to many more similar events in the future, too! Fingers crossed.





I’ve been going to a lot of lovely brunches this month. There was the slightly posh, but very visually pleasing, one in Dalloway Terrace in Bloomsbury, and super tasty Australian one in Granger and Co in Clerkenwell. I also visited the lovely Blighty in Finsbury Park, which is such a lovely local spot. They have a lovely garden too for those sunny, warm days that I’m sure will come along in a few months!





Another lovely foodie thing this month has been discovering lots of new vegan spots, which has made this whole Veganuary thing a lot easier. My favourite by far has been the buffalo “chicken” burger The Tiger in Camberwell, but I’ve also loved the tacos in the new vegan pub The Spread Eagle as well as the “chicken” wings in Haunt, Stoke Newington.



What’s made you happy this month?


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  • Sounds like it’s been a great month! X

    • It really was such a great start to the year! x

  • good on you for feeling the fear and attending the blogging events anyway! thats amazing, i reeeally need to whip my butt into shape and attend some too.

    ooh i was looking for a brunch spot with the girls for next month so will have a little look at Dalloway Terrace!

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

    • Thank you lovely Katie! It was nerve-wracking but totally worth it in the end.

      Dalloway Terrace would be such a lovely spot for a girly brunch – would totally recommend it! xx

  • Gah you are just the best for foodie reccommendations. My list is getting soooo long!

    Now I am re-watching I think Pheobe is my favourite, she is the best! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

    • Hehe whoops, sorry! My list is impossibly long, too… *insert that monkey hides away behind his hand emoji here*

      I love Phoebe too! Chandler’s always been my favourite, but I quite like them all now! Although Ross is a bit more infuriating than I remembered… :’D xx

  • This is such a lovely post! I agree, there’s something about January that gives me an extra burst of motivation for blogging. I’ve also been enjoying Friends on Netflix. In fact, I haven’t watched much else!

    Emma | Paper Planes and Caramel Waffles

    • Thanks so much Emma! I haven’t watched much else, either (except for that time when I binge watched The Good Place in two days…) – it’s so good! xx

  • Well done you for facing your fears – the blogging events sounded like so much fun! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Hannah! It was fun once I stopped being so nervous 🙂 xx

  • Yay glad you’ve been enjoying some blogging events! I’m loving friends being back! x

    • They were so much fun! And yes – I’m so happy Friends are finally on Netflix! I’m not watching anything else right now 😀 xx

  • Yara Mel Rozaay

    Love the concept of this post!! Simple pleasures are the best.


    • Thank you so much! I love writing these, too 🙂