Pre-birthday treats

Last weekend feels like it was only yesterday – probably due to the fact that Saturday was pretty much the last day I actually did something or left the house as I’ve been ill all week – again! The silver lining is that I finally had time to catch up on things (aka TV shows) I didn’t have time for before. So I finally started watching Tina Fey’s new show The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and really enjoyed it. I thought it was one of the better new comedy shows in a long time, so would really recommend it!



Before I got ill I managed to really enjoy the last weekend. On Friday after work I went to my friends house in Finchley to drink rosé in their lovely garden and to just chat about pretty much everything. It was a really lovely girly evening, and when I left her house the sun was going down and it was still pretty warm and aww, just happiness all around really! Oh how I love you, summer.



On Saturday I got up bright and early to get ready to meet Sandra in Liverpool Street station in order to go to a make over photoshoot we had found from Groupon. We did a similar thing last year for our birthday and had so much fun so we decided to make it a bit of a birthday tradition. This time we went to Citi Studios in Shoreditch.


When we got there we were handed a little form to fill where we could write down some of our wishes for how we hoped our “new look” would be like. I was a bit boring and opted for the same style as last year – vintage 50s style look. I just can’t resist a red lip and a cat-eye combo! In retrospect I should’ve probably tried something different as this is pretty much the style I go with every day anyway..



The make up turned out really nice, although I have to say that I had to correct the eye makeup a bit already an hour later as it didn’t stick as well as I’d hoped.


The hair though, oh! I’m really bad at curling my hair so I was very happy with the waves she made for me, and, unlike the makeup, the hair really lasted well into the late hours. I wish I could learn how to do this myself! I’m just not sure I would have the patience with all these curling irons and straighteners.. Could anyone vouch for a specific brand or product that a clutz like me would know how to use as well?



My pretty partner in crime, Sandra ^


In the evening we had a picnic on Primrose Hill even though it was possibly a teeny tiny bit too cold for it… However, once I’d gotten the idea in my head of spending the evening in the park, it would’ve probably had to be pouring rain or minus degrees outside before I would’ve changed my mind. I’m Finnish after all – I want to take advantage of every bit of sunshine I can get my hands on!



The rest of the night was spent dancing to the best indie tunes in my favourite bar in London, Barfly. It’s impossible to leave that place before closing time as pretty much everything they play on Friday and Saturday nights is golden.


I’m continuing my birthday celebrations this weekend as my actual birthday is only on the coming Sunday. We’ve planned a trip Cahoots, I can’t wait! I’ve ordered a 40’s style dress as well, so it should be a blast. I’ll try to take some pictures but the iPhone camera doesn’t exactly agree with dim lit atmospheres.. Can’t wait til I get my proper camera in July!


Have a lovely weekend guys!