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A summer day in Oxford

Last Saturday me and my two friends headed up to Oxford for a summery day trip. We hadn’t really done any research on what to actually do in the city once we’d get there, only that there was a grand university and that one of its buildings was used as a set in one of the Harry Potter movies. Thorough? That’s us.


Other than seeing grandiose old buildings we mostly just walked around, getting lost every now and then, and visited a few pubs and shops along the way. Which was okay as that’s pretty much my favourite way to spend a holiday anyway!



It’s only a short walk from the train station to the city centre and an even shorter walk to the river. We did some obligatory shopping in the high street first (sunglasses, sunscreen.. basically all the summer day necessities I had forgotten to pack with me!). I have to say that I enjoyed the shopping experience there a lot more than I do here in Oxford Street – it was so much calmer! But obviously not quite as many shops..



^ This was the first college campus we saw. Pretty great huh? I wouldn’t mind staying here whilst in Uni..



Those colourful glass bowls on the shelf are actually Finnish design! They are made by a lovely company called Iittala with design by another Finnish company called Marimekko. Both companies are very close to my heart and you should definitely have a little wander around their websites if you’re interested in pretty design or great prints. I know the above picture I took looks a bit gloomy but they really do do wonderful products! (Patriotic rant over.)



After hours of walking around (okay, maybe one hour) it was definitely time for a well deserved Pimms break. We found a lovely riverside pub called the Head of the River with a beer garden and decided to have some lunch as well after securing a table (which was very difficult actually!). I ordered a burger (obviously – it’s always a burger or nachos situation with me in pubs) and sat down to enjoy the sunshine.



Ta-dah, the famous (and gorgeous!) college used in the fourth Harry Potter film. Also known as the Christ Church College, it was a pretty magnificent sight. Next to it is it’s massive gardens and if you walk far enough you’ll get to a little “forest path” by the river were people are rowing paddling boats available for renting. It was really very lovely.



Next up, Cambridge (hopefully)! What other destinations do you think would be good for a quick and cheap day trip away from London? I seem to always go to the same places but would be nice to try something new!


I’m off to Finland on Saturday but will try to write a blog post or two from there. Have a lovely weekend everyone!