Sunny day in Clapham


Last weekend my friend Hanna came to stay for a few days and we had lots of plans to do fun things, but, as is tradition, I got sick just before she landed. This seems to always happen when people come to visit me and it’s super unfair – I’m always looking forward to them coming over so much and usually have taken time off work too.


We made the best out of a bad situation though by enjoying an amazingly sunny and warm day by walking around South West London, taking pictures (Hanna was teaching me how to use my new camera better!) and eating yummy things (goes without saying).


We started off by walking from my place to Clapham – it’s a very pretty route with lots of house envy to be had the whole way there. Before I moved to the area I’d been to Clapham quite a lot already but had never really ventured away from the high street. Now my walking route goes through the little back streets and I’ve already discovered so many more cafes, pubs and beer gardens to visit! So the lesson here, I guess, is definitely to try and go out of your comfort zone and get a bit lost – you never know what gems you might find!



Tart London is not hidden on the back streets but for me it was still a new find. Lately I’ve been consciously trying to visit small, independent cafes instead of always going in to the big chains that all feel a bit same-y. Tart is located next to Clapham Common park and is a great choice for something different for your picnic basket – they even do their own hampers you can take to the park! All in all it’s such a lovely little place and definitely better and much cosier in my books than your typical Starbucks or Costa.



Something I’ve also missed in Clapham before was that there is this little village-y bit behind the high street. It’s called Clapham Old Town and while it isn’t very big, it hosts an impressive amount of cute places to visit, including Tart and a lovely pub called The Sun. There’s still a lot places I’m aching to try – including that cute little pub on the pictures below!



Looking out of the window now I can’t believe all of this happened just one week ago. Even though I do quite like the falling leaves, (occasional!) rainy days and cosy, colorful knits you get to wear in Autumn, I wasn’t quite ready to let go of summer just yet! Fingers crossed for another burst of sunny days before we go into full fall mode… In the meantime though, have a listen for my rainy days playlist on Spotify if you need some music to accompany these gloomy days. I hope you enjoy it – and remember to light a few candles too 🙂