A little guide to Haringey

Borough 5/32 – Haringey


LOCATION North London


TRIVIA Parks, recreational grounds and open spaces make more than 25% of the borough’s total area


LANDMARKS Alexandra Palace, Highgate Wood, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club


DISTRICTS Highgate, Crouch End, Muswell Hill, Tottenham Hale, Seven Sisters



We started our day off with an amazing brunch in the Beam cafe in Crouch End. Being a South Londoner myself I had invited my lovely friend Sandra to be my tourist guide for the day as she’s local to the area. She had already visited this little gem a few times before, and when she says the food is good somewhere, you believe her! We met around 1pm on a Sunday and even though the place was buzzing we still managed to get a seat by the window which is always a win in my book!



We started off with a freshly squeezed orange juice which didn’t last me very long at all.. Oops!



Sandra opted for the omelette where as I decided to try the breakfast burrito. Anyone who knows me will know what a big fan of Mexican food, especially burritos, I am, so I definitely wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity to try the breakfast version! Luckily it didn’t disappoint – it was filled with chorizo, veggies, scrambled eggs and lots of other lovely goodness.



After lunch we had a little stroll around Crouch End – if you’ve never been, I strongly recommend you to make a day of it – preferably when it’s nice and sunny outside! It has a sort of a village-y vibe to it and when there, central London’s chaos seems like light years away. That’s not to say that there isn’t anything to do, though! There’s plenty of little shops (a lot of very affordable charity shops amongst other things!), an array of cute pubs and restaurants and a lot of cafes to choose from if you find yourself craving something a little bit sweeter.



After Crouch End our next (and final) stop was the lovely Muswell Hill. If you are lucky enough to have time on your hands and the sun in the sky, I recommend walking the distance as these two places aren’t far from each other at all. However, we found ourselves running out of time (that’s what visiting all those little shops do to you!) so we grabbed a bus to take us up the hill. Muswell Hill (and the nearby Alexandra Palace) are amongst the highest points of London, so it’s definitely worth it to come this way if only for the views.


The views aren’t the only attraction though – like Crouch End, Muswell Hill has a kind of village-y, but still an urban, vibe to it. It has gorgeous houses, really good ice cream and an amazing pub built inside an old church. What else do you need?!



We finished our day like all days should be finished – with cake and tea.



Eat The lovely Beam or the funky Monkeynuts in Crouch end for amazing brunch/lunch times. Chooks in Muswell Hill does chicken that rivals my love for Nando’s (but also does other things like amazing nacho platters, burgers and veggie options!). After stuffing yourself with all this amazing, savoury food, go and get your sweet fix at Sable d’Or, also in Muswell Hill.


Drink If you don’t mind chains I really recommend you to visit the O’Neills branch of Muswell Hill – it’s pretty spectacular.


See The beautiful Highgate Village for cute little shops and cafes


Do Visit Alexandra Palace for the various events and concerts it hosts or just to admire the amazing views