An unwanted break from blogging & a new music find

Long time no see – I’m so sorry I’ve gone and done the disappearing act on you!


My beloved laptop decided to break down on me and unfortunately there’s still no progress on getting it fixed. I have actually been quite upset as I feel like I really started to enjoy this blogging thing and I really liked having my own little hobby and then technology went and stabbed me in the back! However, I’m planning on downloading everything into my boyfriends computer but as it’s a bit of an oldie (but a goldie) this process might prove to be a bit slow and very frustrating. So there it is – I’m not sure when the next proper post will be up but I’m keeping my fingers crossed it won’t be too long! I’ve got lots of ideas (and pictures!) to use up – I even did another borough this weekend!


Anyway, so that this wouldn’t just be a “woe-is-me-and-my-computer” post I wanted to introduce you to my favourite new music find of 2015 so far (and probably of the whole year unless something unbelievably amazing comes along!). The band is called Wolf Alice and I’m sure you’ve heard of them already – they’ve been pretty hyped up and I just can’t help but to join in!


Their debut album is called My Love Is Cool and it’s one of those quite rare finds where I actually really like all of the songs and I feel like the album works really well as a entity. I know this is the age of Spotify and digital downloads but I really urge you to a) not just listen to the singles and b) listen the album from start to finish, in the order how the band intended it.


The first song I heard was the explosive Giant Peach which still remains my favourite song of the album. Even though this track is quite grunge-y and shouty, there’s a lot of softer ones in the album too to balance it all out, like my other favourite, the mesmerising Silk. All in all I just think it works so well together and I honestly haven’t been this excited about a new band in ages! This album was on repeat for me the whole of the summer and I’m nowhere near getting bored if it – it really does just get better with each listen.


Has anyone else given them a listen? What’s your favourite song?