Highness Cafe

I’ve got a pretty great cafe recommendation for you guys! Last weekend my friend asked me to come and have tea and cake with her in the lovely Highbury Barn in Islington – me, being a lover of all things sweet, of course obliged immediately.



The cafe is called Highness and as you can see from the picture above, it won in the Highbury category of Time Out’s Love London awards when it was voted the best coffee shop in the area. After visiting, I definitely think that the win was very much deserved – the place was absolutely lovely! The cafe does both savoury and sweet food, and it does them very well. I hadn’t had a chance to properly eat before getting there so as well as having cake I decided to try some of their lunch options too. I went with the vegetarian jacket potato which was super yummy – definitely recommended! Anything with sundried tomatoes and cheese is always an automatic win for me..!



For my dessert I chose the peanut butter cake – obviously! If there’s peanut butter on offer in any shape or form, I’ll generally go for it – and I didn’t have to be disappointed. My favourite thing about a cake is always the frosting and there was lots and lots on this one! In fact I wish I could have one right now.. But it’s only Wednesday and I’m trying to be healthy so I might just have to settle having my peanut butter on oatcakes.. Blah! Not quite as exciting as cake!



Walking home in the dark I couldn’t have been happier – christmas lights, the company of good friends and, of course, cake, seems to do that to a person. My route back to the station took me through Highbury Fields Park which is a pretty gorgeous walk, especially this time of year with all the colourful leaves on the ground. Exploring this part of London is so nice because it feels more like a little village rather than a big city. It has this lovely feel of community as well – the owner of the cafe even recognized my friend from her visit before and remembered her order which I thought was super lovely! I definitely can’t wait to go back to this little place – so many cakes still to try! :p