The Little Viet Kitchen

When my family was visiting me in London we wanted to try something a bit different for dinner and, after careful consideration, we decided to go for Vietnamese, mostly due to my little obsession with Pho soups. I first thought about taking them to the aptly named Pho, which is a chain with restaurants around the country. I’ve found myself in their Spitalfields branch on a rainy day on more than one occasion, and while their soup does taste very comforting and yummy, I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to take my family to a chain restaurant, especially when the Tripadvisor reviews were quite mediocre when it came to the full experience. So, I decided to leave Pho for another rainy day and started googling for other options.



The search turned out to be quite difficult – who knew there were so many Vietnamese restaurants in London? And how was I supposed to know which one to choose?! I definitely felt the pressure! I kept finding places that looked interesting but there was always something wrong – either they didn’t take any bookings, or they did and it was fully booked, or that the food was supposed to be delicious but I wasn’t convinced that the atmosphere was right. Luckily I finally came across the little gem that is The Little Viet Kitchen in Angel in North London.



This may sound silly but I was already so impressed by their website – it was so beautifully designed. I know webdesign doesn’t have much to do with the quality of the food but I’m a bit silly and it made me even more excited to discover the place. And in some ways I wasn’t wrong in thinking that – as soon as you walk in to the little restaurant, you can see that presentation and design are very important to the owner – the restaurant is absolutely beautiful with every little detail fully thought out. That’s not to say that the food wasn’t good though, because it definitely was. But more on that soon..



Me and my sister waiting for our food – I was so hungry at this point!



But luckily we didn’t have to wait for too long! We ordered a few portions of these spring rolls to start with and they were a-mazing! I’ve always thought that I didn’t really like spring rolls but these have definitely proven me wrong. The dip that came with them was pretty heavenly as well.



The main event: spicy vegetarian pho soup. Love at first sight (or slurp?).



As you can probably tell from this post, I absolutely loved The Little Viet Kitchen, and so did everyone in my family. There was nothing I ordered that I didn’t love – they also do really good cocktails, my favourite being a kind of a vietnamese take on Pina Colada which was super dreamy. I’m so happy I found this little gem and I can’t wait to take more people there so they can discover it too!


Has anyone else had any great restaurant finds lately? Tell me, tell me, tell me!