A little walk along the South Bank

Even after living in London for almost three years now I’m still not even remotely over it. Sure, there are days when I wish I could be anywhere else than commuting back and forth from work or being stuck in Oxford Circus station at rush hour, but even on those days, if someone popped me into the South Bank at sunset overlooking all the amazing iconic London monuments, I’d probably still feel incredibly lucky to live in this wonderful city. It’s not perfect, and I’m not sure I’ll live here forever, but I would never want to be too far away.



I’ve been quite good at going for long walks to different parts of London lately, especially exploring South London a bit more. Last weekend I managed to drag my boyfriend out for a walk along the river which I thought would be a great opportunity to practise using my camera a bit more as well – even though the day was annoyingly grey!



We started off in Borough from where we walked to London Bridge and carried on walking along the Thames towards Westminster. To get to the river we “had to” pass through the Borough Market and I pretty much wanted to buy EVERYTHING. I’ve actually got a little confession to make: I’ve never been to the Borough Market before! I tried to go once on a Sunday but it was closed – since when are food markets closed on Sundays?! Alas, I have now managed to right this huge wrong and I can safely say I won’t wait another 26 years to visit this little gem again..



By the time we finally reached the river the grey weather had started to give space to the blue hour (aka one of my favourite times of day) and everything was immediately a lot more photogenic and even more beautiful than normally. We kept walking past people selling those amazingly sweet roasted nuts that smell out of this world – I love them so much! We kept our cool though and refrained from buying any as we were gonna go to dinner straight after our walk and didn’t want to ruin our appetites. Though let’s be real here – it was mostly because we didn’t have any change.



See what I mean? I think most people would have a hard time resisting the charms of London if they were dropped in the middle of these surroundings – even on the worst of days. I count myself very lucky to be living only a few tube stops away from all of this and I hope to never take it for granted. I’ll give you permission to slap me if I ever start doing so!