Battersea Rise

Aside from doing my London Boroughs challenge, I’ve recently really enjoyed exploring my local areas as well. So many different South London gems are within a walking distance from us, yet we generally just always go to the same places. Last weekend, though, we finally managed to venture a little bit further and found ourselves exploring the lovely Battersea Rise area with its many pubs, restaurants and coffee shops. It took us about 45 minutes to get there, but as the route was mostly walking by Clapham Common, I didn’t really mind at all!



I really love the fact that I’ve started doing a lot more of these long walks again as I am really, really bad at getting myself to go to the gym or do any other sort of exercise that I don’t particularly enjoy. I feel like it’s super important to find an exercise form you can actually get excited about, otherwise you’re just not going to be doing it regularly. Now, I try to force myself to go to the gym at least once a week, but I am also aware that it isn’t probably quite enough, so going for these walks has become very important to me as they are a) great sources of fresh air (duh) b) FUN ways to get some exercise and c) you always find new places you didn’t even know existed!



So I asked Jim to go stand where I wanted him to take a picture of me so I could see how the frame would turn out. Little did he know that I ended up liking his picture so much that he would end up on my blog.. Sorry not sorry! Also sorry not sorry for just using the phrase sorry not sorry…



I actually feel kind of bad for taking and sharing this picture (of the most amazingly yummy sounding thing ever) as I am currently doing Veganuary and kind of want to continue being as much vegan as I can after January is over too. But this sign just really draw me in and I couldn’t resist snapping a pic – I didn’t have any though, promise! I think I’ve been doing really well at this challenge and have actually learned so many new things from how animals are being treated to how I actually really like things I wouldn’t have even thought of eating a year ago. It’s all baby steps still but I am pretty proud of myself, if I do say so myself!



We ended our Battersea Rise adventure in The Breakfast Club – a place I have wanted to visit for ages but never did, mostly due to the infamous queues. This time, however, it was already around 5 o’clock when we went in so it wasn’t too bad at all – maybe this would be a branch to visit for brunch as well as it’s not so central? I was thinking of trying it out one weekend so I will keep you posted – I already pretty much want to order the whole menu.


Have any of you guys been to the Breakfast Club yet? Would you recommend the food there as well?