December highlights

So much for that promise of getting these highlights up a bit earlier, huh? On the bright side I finally picked up my beloved computer from the repair shop today and I’m SO happy and can already tell that this will definitely make it to January’s highlights! :p Anyway, here are some of my favourite things about December:





I visited my lovely friend Jenni in Lincoln at the beginning of the month because she was there studying in the university as an exchange student. We were not exactly blessed with the greatest weather but made the most of it anyway and walked around lots and lots. I was lucky enough to arrive just in time for the annual Christmas market which was such a great experience and I might’ve grabbed just a feeew mulled ciders along the way.. ‘Tis the season, right? Or ’tis was the season? Grammar don’t fail me now! Anyway, in short, Lincoln was so full of history and amazing architecture and I’m definitely planning on going back someday soon, hopefully with a bit more sunshine!


Work Christmas party



Our work Christmas party was held in the most gorgeous location – Madison in St. Pauls. The views were amazing and with enough blankets and a heated terrace, we could actually enjoy sitting outside for a drink and enjoy the scenery. We were booked for a 3 course meal which I have to say I wasn’t that impressed with, but that might just be because a) I’m just not a fan of Christmas food unless it’s a roast dinner and b) in these kinds of places the portions are always quite small and the food a bit too fancy for my tastes! That’s not to say someone else couldn’t enjoy their cooking – I’m just more of a messy food kind of girl myself. I definitely recommend this place for an after work drinks place anyway, if only for the beautiful views.


Holidays in Finland



For Christmas holidays I flew back home to Finland. We didn’t manage to get a white Christmas in the end but luckily a few days after Christmas Eve the temperature dropped and it begun to properly snow! When I used to live in Finland I couldn’t stand snow because I knew that when it fell, it would take a very long time to get rid of it, and life is just so much easier on dry land! But now as I know I only have to deal with it for a few days (sorry friends..!) I find myself quite enjoying it, especially when accompanied by a sunny weather.


New Years Eve 80s style



When I heard that the New Years Eve party we were going to had an 80s theme I went into a bit of a panic mode at first – even though I’m not the biggest fan of NYE it has still always been the night when I’ve allowed myself to dress up a bit nicer than normal, and now I was supposed to go and get something from a fancy dress shop? After a few minutes of googling though I realized that being Madonna circa Desperately Seeking Susan could potentially be quite a lot of fun and went on hunting for the perfect accessories. I was super pleased with the result if I do say so myself and really enjoyed the whole evening as well – I guess it’s good to be challenged sometimes after all! What do you think – could I pull it off if I suddenly went back to 1985 in a time machine?


What were your highlights of the previous month, did you get up to anything exciting? I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store!