Garlic & Chilli pasta: A mini recipe post

Sometimes the best dishes are those you really don’t have very high expectations of. You know, the ones where you didn’t really have a specific plan but just basically threw everything you had left in your fridge/cupboard into one pan and hoped for the best? I had one of those days a few days ago and I really, really didn’t have much to work with. I pretty much only had pasta, oil and some spices, but suddenly remembered a dish my mum always raves on about: Pasta Aglio & Olio. It’s basically an oily and garlicky pasta dish with not much else, and I thought it was a pretty perfect solution for my predicament.


I have to say I was actually very surprised with the outcome – with not that many ingredients at all I had managed to create something very, very yummy! I managed to find one lonely tomato from our fridge as well so I threw that in the mix too – I thought it added nice moisture to the dish!



INGREDIENTS (for one person, double/triple etc as needed!)


– 1 big garlic gloves


– Extra Virgin Olive oil


– Half a tablespoon of Sriracha sauce or some other hot sauce (If you’re using another brand, make sure to check that the spice level is about the same!)


– Basil (I used dried but fresh would be even better!)


– Chilli flakes


– One big tomato, chopped


– Salt



First start with boiling your pasta (I like this one). Once it’s boiling away in the pan, peel your garlic glove, chop your tomato and prepare all the other ingredients ready to be used once the pasta has cooked.


Once your pasta is ready, drain the water out and place it back in the pan. Pour a good splash of olive oil and stir immediately to avoid the pasta from sticking to the pan. After that squeeze your garlic into the mix and then add all the rest of the ingredients, while continuously stirring. If you like it spicy, add a bit more Sriracha or chilli flakes – they’re my favourite things about this meal!



Bon Appétit!