My first Sunday roast

Yes, you heard right – I’ve never had a traditional English Sunday lunch before! Even though I’ve now lived in London for almost three and a half years, I’ve still yet to taste the most English thing of them all – the famous Sunday roast. Luckily, this was all rectified a few weekends ago when me and Jim went to celebrate a friend’s birthday to a lovely pub called The Black Lion in Kilburn. I have to say though that as I had the vegetarian version, it probably wasn’t the most stereotypically and traditionally English, but I did really enjoy it anyway!



Like in the The Goat pub in Chelsea, the interior of this pub appealed to me a lot – there was a similar rustic feel to it which I loved. The Black Lion is probably a bit more relaxed in atmosphere, but of course it’s more of a pub rather than a restaurant-restaurant, which makes it a little bit more casual. I loved the cracked paint in the glass ceiling, the old lamps and the beautiful fireplace – I think every pub should have a cosy fireplace! It was kind of an eclectic mix of different interior styles and somehow it all went together very well.



I didn’t personally order any starters as I think I’m finally learning that I only need one dish (and maybe something sweet after, as everyone knows there’s a separate stomach for dessert..) otherwise I’ll just feel like I’m about to have at least 5 food babies. The rest of the party went with scotch eggs and baby squids, which I heard were very good even though I didn’t try them myself for obvious reasons. I did manage to steal some sweet chilli sauce and salad leaves though (gourmet..) which kept me happy until the main event.



I’m so in love with both of these tapestries, especially the one with the trees! I’d love to have something like that in my house, even if it was just on one wall to bring something a little bit extra to the room. I’ll add that to my “future house dream list” which will be approximately 13865 pages long before I ever have even the slightest chance of owning a house. Damn you London.



My beautiful, first ever Sunday roast! I had a vegetarian Wellington which was filled with goats cheese and roasted vegetables and garnished with a lovely salad, pesto and celeriac puree. It might not have been the most traditional experience for a first Sunday roast but it was definitely worth every penny in my books and my plate was squeaky clean by the time I was done.


Also, as I’ve said before, I’m trying to transition to more of a vegan diet, so if you know any great vegan Sunday roasts in London, please do let me know, I’d love to try them out too!