(Vegan) What I Eat in a Day – Sunday edition

My blog has been very food-oriented lately, sorry (not sorry), but I’m going to continue with that theme for one more post as all the exciting things in my life lately have been somewhat food related..


I’ve always loved reading these posts by other people and so I finally thought that I should give one a try too. It was surprisingly difficult to remember to take a picture of everything you eat, especially as I’m usually so hungry that I devour what’s in front of me before anyone can even say the word ‘camera’. I also struggled with making all of my portions look “picturesque” but maybe that’s besides the point here.


Let’s start with breakfast, shall we…



This is my typical weekend breakfast: avocado on Finnish rye bread (which I keep stocked up in our freezer just for these lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings) with a sprinkle of black pepper and salt with some sliced tomato on top – yum! I often also can’t help but having a cheeky piece of toast with some peanut butter on it – it kind of acts as the dessert!


Lately breakfasts (and lunches and dinners and… you get the gist) have been accompanied by the amazing TV series The Good Wife. I am seriously obsessed with this show – it’s ridiculously good. It’s one of those shows that slowly pulls you in and makes you so invested in each and every character – whether or not you love or hate them. The main character, Alicia, is one of the greatest female characters since Buffy: she’s a strong woman, but she’s also flawed, sometimes has her weak moments and says the wrong things. Basically, she’s a full fleshed human being and I love her. Anyway – this post is supposed to be about food so let’s get with the programme!



We were too lazy to make lunch ourselves (this often happens on weekends, whoops!) so we headed to Brixton and went for Asian food in the lovely Satay Bar. I’ve been there a total of three times now and the food has always been incredibly good – even Jim said that it was the best Asian food he’s had in ages! What I also love about this place is that they have vegan dishes clearly marked on the menu with a little sign and that there actually are quite a few different options to choose from!


I went for the Vegetable & Tofu Red Curry to get a bit of a change to the Green Curry I always go for here (and in most other places to be honest..). The red curry was really tasty, but I have to say it didn’t beat their green curry in my eyes. That’s just me being green curry obsessive though – if you’re more of a red curry person yourself I would totally recommend this one too! I also ordered edamame beans for starters and they were very good too – served steaming hot with a generous sprinkle of rock salt, yum!



Sunday was one of the first days of the ridiculously hot heat wave (not complaining, I swear!) so refreshments were in order. I’ve been craving lemon sorbet since last summer so I finally decided that it would be about time to get a (massive) tub of it. Nothing obviously compares to the real stuff bought from an icecream parlour in Italy but this Tesco stuff isn’t too bad either. I accompanied the ice cream with some sparkling water with half a lime squeezed in – so refreshing!



As we had had such a big lunch, we didn’t end up having dinner until about 8:30, but it was well worth the wait. Jim prepared us some black bean taquitos with tomato sauce and they were so yummy! The filling was a bit like in my recipe here in case you’re interested in making them yourself!


Hope you enjoyed spying on my food habits! As it was a Sunday it was a bit more indulgent and unhealthy and I do try to be a little bit better during weekdays! Maybe next time I do one of these I’ll choose a workday – although I might feel little bit self conscious taking my DSLR to work and taking food pictures in the office kitchen.. But we shall see – maybe I’ll conquer my “fears”..!