Countryside walks

Last weekend me and Jim headed over to his granddads birthday celebrations in a little village called Stevington in Bedfordshire, East of England. I’ve been to Stevington before, but never had a proper chance to take pictures which I wanted to rectify immediately – it’s just the most picturesque little place!


I’m definitely a city girl at heart, but I do love escaping the hustle and bustle whenever given the opportunity. The village was so quiet and I just found it amazing that on a full hours walk we didn’t see almost anyone else – it was so ridiculously peaceful and lovely. And the most amazing thing? You could actually see the stars.



We spent one night in Stevington, and for the first half of the day we mostly just sat in the sun, ate lovely food (so much food) and had a few cold drinks as we chatted away. As the afternoon progressed we continued to the village pub garden and sat there until we were shivering and had to admit that it was perhaps getting a little bit too chilly for our summer attire.. Despite the warm days I can definitely feel a bit of Autumn in the evening air!


Before going to sleep we ate a little bit more (what else are weekend breaks for?!) and watched a bit of the Olympics – a first for me this summer! I haven’t managed to watch it at all and so it was very nice to catch up a bit, although I don’t have that much to root for as there aren’t that many Finnish athletes competing – we are a tiny nation after all!



I made it my mission to get up early(ish) the next day so I could take advantage of the quiet streets of a Sunday morning and take a nice long walk before having to get back to the hectic city life. We walked through the village streets and behind the fields, stopping every now and then to take pictures and to admire the views. I tried to take it all in, hoping I could keep some of that peace and quiet inside of me for our return to London.


I think little weekend trips like this are so important – they make the short weekend feel a lot longer, and especially managing to wake up early makes you feel so much more accomplished and ready to take on the world! I’ve always been a morning person but lately I’ve definitely become even more so – I guess it means I’m getting older! I love getting a head start to the day and getting up early also makes me feel a lot more creative and motivated than sleeping in does.


The next trip we’ve got planned is a 24 hour visit to Brighton next week – I can’t wait! I haven’t been there in a while so I’m really looking forward to exploring all the little shops and food places, and, of course, taking a little dip in the sea if only the weather permits! Do you have any must visit places I should go to? All tips are greatly appreciated!


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