July Highlights

Work summer party


This was my second office summer party ever, and a lot of fun was had. My lovely colleagues had arranged it in a big terrace at the Hilton Hotel by the Thames in Canary Wharf and as you can imagine, the views were just amazing. When the sun went down you could almost pretend you were in New York, looking across the river to the Canary Wharf skyline with the sky getting darker and the lights of the buildings getting brighter and brighter – it was just beautiful.


Beyoncé at Wembley


This is a major highlight. I still can’t believe I’ve actually seen Beyoncé live! She was, as can be expected, amazing, and I danced, laughed and almost cried a little too. She’s such a massive super star but at the same time comes across as really genuine and likable. The tickets were expensive, but I would pay for them again in a heartbeat – I haven’t had so much fun in a concert in ages – and I don’t usually even like big arena sized gigs!


Trip to Finland


Yes, Finland again! This time I only went for a few days so I could attend my lovely friend Aino’s engagement party but despite the short time there, I really enjoyed myself. I took things a bit easier this time and didn’t see as many people and instead focused on spending time with family and a few friends and just relaxing. Annoyingly one of the few days I had was spent in bed being ill, but luckily I recovered quite quickly and enjoyed the next day that much more! I miss the Finnish summer already.


La Bodega Negra


I know, I know, I couldn’t have chosen a better picture of the restaurant? To those who don’t know: no, I didn’t go have dinner in a strip club, there was an actual (amazing) Mexican restaurant behind all of this. However, the inside (as beautiful as it is) was a bit too dark for my camera to take good quality pictures, so the only one I ended up having of this night is a picture of the entrance… I’m not quite sure why they’ve decided to hide behind this sex shop front, but I guess it works as a marketing trick! Not that this restaurant needed any tricks – the food was absolutely amazing.


You can choose from either having a few small-ish plates to share or have one of the bigger plates just for yourself. We did a bit of both, and everything I tried was super tasty. I’ve been wanting to go to this restaurant for YEARS and now that I finally made it, I don’t know what took me so long. There are actually two sides to it as well – the proper dining part is the one hiding behind the sex shop facade and on the other side of the road there is a normal looking restaurant serving a slightly different menu with less frills – I think this is mainly meant to be the bar/lunch area as it’s way more casual. Whichever part you choose, I’m sure you’re going to have a very delicious dining experience!


Michael Kiwanuka’s music


THIS MAN. Oh my. Have you listened to his music already? If you haven’t then, please, click here and do it right now. His second album has just come out and it’t magnificent – I don’t know how else to describe it. Especially the single Love and Hate has left me absolutely speechless – I haven’t heard a song I’ve fallen in love with quite this much in a very long while. Go have a listen and let me know what you think – I bet you will love him as much as I do!