Primrose Hill

One of my favourite places in London is definitely Primrose Hill. I love how it’s so close to Camden, yet its quiet streets and little shops feel like a million miles away from all of the crowds. Don’t get me wrong – I adore Camden, but sometimes it’s just nice to walk around picturesque streets, window shop in lovely independent boutiques and just hide away from all of the people for a little while. I’ve always thought Primrose Hill would be the ideal place to live – all the amazing restaurants, bars and shops of Camden Town so close by, yet far away enough from the noise for it to be a perfect place to settle down. Best of both worlds and all that. It’s just too bad that all the houses are ridiculously expensive, but hey, I can always dream, right?


I thought I would take you along with me and share some of my favourite spots and also places I’ve seen many times and am desperately wanting to visit myself. I hope you like it, and I hope you can get a little bit inspired to go and explore the area yourself – it really is one of the most beautiful places in London!



The road leading to Primrose Hill park is called Regents Park Road (a bit confusing, I know), and it’s full of lovely little places to explore, or, if you’re passing by before payday, just to have a look and admire from afar.. You might want to pamper yourself in the spa at Cowshed, pick up flowers from the most amazing looking florist Fitzroy’s or go crazy and go (window) shopping in all of the lovely independent boutiques you can find in the area.


The main reason to come to this part of London is, of course, the views. There are many places in London where you can admire the city from high up, but the top of Primrose Hill is definitely one of the best. I love having picnics here, but I also love climbing up (well, I don’t necessarily love the actual climbing part..) and just standing at the top, taking in the view. It feels more real and accessible somehow than going to a swanky rooftop bar (as much as I love those too…) and I always love showing it to friends who’ve never been and sharing it with the people I love. It might just be one of the romantic places in London too – at least come sundown!



You’re probably gonna be pretty exhausted after all the climbing and the exploring and maybe in need of a drink… My suggestion would be the cosy Queens pub right in the corner of the park, in Regents Park Road, or, if it’s a really nice day like today, the Pembroke Castle on the other end of the street has a pretty cute garden to while away the summer nights. If you’re looking for some food to go with your drink too, my recommendation would be the super cosy Negozio Classica – a Tuscan restaurant with a little wine shop and a lot of heart. I went there once for my birthday and the food, the service and the wine were all really good, so I would very much recommend it.


Any places I missed that I should know about? Let me know!


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