The Railway pub, Streatham

I went to The Railway pub in Streatham last Sunday with the mission of becoming just a little bit more British by eating a proper Sunday Roast for lunch… You may remember from this post that I had my first ever pub roast only a few months ago, and even though it wasn’t the most traditional one of them all, I still really loved it. After that day I’ve had the biggest urge to go do it again, but very often when I go somewhere with the intentions of having one, I tend to see something else in the menu and be tempted for that instead. Obviously, that happened to me again last Sunday, but more on that later…


Me and my friend Tytti went ice skating (!) in Streatham on Sunday and I asked her to join me for the famous Sunday roast afterwards. We opted for the lovely pub called The Railway, right next to Streatham Common station, because it was a) pretty close to the ice rink and b) really, really cute. It was the bluest pub I’ve ever been to, literally, and I really fell in love with the decor and the attention to detail!



The pub has quite a lot going on every day of the week, with comedy nights every last Sunday of the month, pub quizzes on Tuesdays and great meal deals on Saturday nights. When we went it unfortunately wasn’t the last Sunday of the month so we didn’t get to witness the comedy, but I definitely want to go back and experience that one day too!



And, ta-dah, here is the reason why I abandoned my great quest for the Sunday roast! The mighty burger.


When there is a sweet potato and a halloumi burger on a menu, it’s basically illegal not to try it out. Me and Tytti both went for the same thing, and I think I can speak for both of us when I say we really enjoyed it. A special shout out also goes to the amazing skinny fries served with the most wonderful aioli, which I demolished waayy too quickly, after which felt like I was not only having a food baby, but food twins. But it was definitely worth it!


The only “complaint” I have is that despite of the name, there is no separate slice of halloumi here, as it is, I imagine, somehow mixed into the sweet potato patty. I couldn’t get a strong halloumi taste from it, so if that’s your main reason for getting the burger, maybe this isn’t the right choice for you. However, if you enjoy a great veggie burger and are a fan of lovely, mushy sweet potato, I would definitely recommend this one as I personally really enjoyed it. I just probably wouldn’t advertise it as being a “halloumi burger” as that makes it sound like it comes with a proper slice of that squeaky, salty goodness we all know and love.


I hope that didn’t make it sound that I didn’t enjoy my meal, because I really, really did! I just wanted to give you my honest take on it in case any of you will trek it to Streatham to try this lovely little pub out. And trek you should, as it was one of the nicest and cosiest places I’ve discovered for a while, and I definitely want to go and try out that Sunday roast very soon. I’ll try not to tempted by any more burgers, promise..!


The Railway, 2 Greyhound Lane, Streatham Common, SW16 5SD
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