August highlights



Wahaca is by far my favourite chain restaurant in London. The quality of the food is great in all of the branches I’ve visited (and I have visited a lot of them..) and the decor and exterior always gets big thumbs up from me too. Who wouldn’t want to snatch one of those swing seats in the Charlotte Street branch?! I’ve never yet managed to but I’m gonna keep on trying…


Last month was a bit of an extreme Wahaca month, even for me – I think I went about four or five times in total, and once two days in a row – and I’m still not bored of it! I used to always opt for the street food options (plantain tacos forever) but since discovering that they do vegan burritoes I’ve completely switched sides – it’s amazing and it’s only about £7, leaving plenty of pennies left for those crunchy tortilla chips and that amazing guacamole! Can we go eat now, please?



Pretty self explanatory – I got my hair cut in the beginning of August and I’m actually pretty happy with it! I wanted to do something different, and as I’ve always loved a fringe, I decided to just go for it and see what happens. Luckily, I was very pleased with the outcome and even though they can be infuriating sometimes (curtain fringe, anyone?!) I don’t regret it for a second. On the same day as I got my haircut, I had one of the best summery days this year by going to Visions Festival in Hackney. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, we picnicked and watched live music – what more could you hope for? Anna Calvi especially was absolutely phenomenal.




We took a weekend trip to a small village called Stevington, Bedfordshire, a few weeks ago with my boyfriend in order to go to a birthday party, and it was super nice to get out of the city for a few days! The weekend felt so much longer than usual too because we got to leave London for a while and had plenty of time to relax and just be. I wouldn’t mind escaping the noise a bit more often if I’m honest, and actually being able to see the stars was pretty incredible too!




Undoubtedly my biggest highlight of the month was my friends visiting me for a week in mid-August. I took three days off from work and we spent them doing all sorts of touristy and London-y things like visiting Camden market, eating our weight in all of the yummy food London has to offer, and, of course, doing a little bit of shopping too. I really love living in London but I do miss my friends a lot – I wish they could all just move here! Maybe one of these days I will manage to convince them, but until then I’ll just have to cherish these moments we have together – hopefully there will be lots more of them too!




Me and Jim escaped for a quick trip to Brighton last weekend for some beachy fun and actually managed to get incredibly lucky with the weather! However, in typical Laura fashion, I forgot to pack the most important thing for a seaside trip – my bikini… Something I should’ve probably packed first thing when going swimming, huh? Luckily, when it comes to high street stores, the beach season is now pretty much over, which meant I managed to find a brand new bikini for a mere £4. Bargain!


So, all was well, I got to have my swim and the whole trip to the seaside was pretty much a success. I’m going to write a longer post on Brighton later, so I won’t babble for much longer here, but let’s just say I loved it so much that I would probably be very easily tempted to pack my bags and move over there for good!



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