Blighty Coffee, Finsbury Park

My lovely friend Sandra has been raving on about this little coffee place nestled in Finsbury Park for about a year and half already, and for some reason I had yet never visited. Last weekend we decided that it was definitely time to rectify this wrong, and so I hopped on the Victoria Line and traveled from south to north London to finally visit the place I’d heard so much about!


Blighty Coffee is (as you might guess from the name) a quirky little café serving British and British Commonwealth inspired pastries, drinks and breakfast/brunch dishes. And although I keep using the word ‘little’, the café is actually a lot bigger than it looks from the outside. There’s a few different rooms inside, both decorated with knickknacks from all around the British Commonwealth and there’s also a lovely garden at the back for those sunny days I hope we’re still going to have! My friend often goes to the garden to work with her laptop, and she told me that there are actually plugs outside as well, so if it’s a nice weather, you can bring your computer out and combine work with some sunshine! Something I definitely wish I could do…



Like the rest of the place, the outside areas too are decorated with all sorts of different things – there are bicycles hanging on the walls, a ping pong table and lots and lots of different flags dotted around! The outside bit is actually quite big, so even on a busier day I don’t think it would too impossible to find a table.



For our brunch we both opted for the Melbourne Toast: two generous slices of sourdough bread with avocado, Tabasco and poached eggs. On hindsight I should have probably ordered a different dish than Sandra – just so I could’ve tried a bit more of the menu – but what can I say, avocado and chilli together is a just an irresistible combination for me! Sandra also had their homemade ice tea which looked super refreshing, and even though I’m caffeine intolerant, I had a cheeky little sip and can confirm that it was definitely worth ordering, especially on a nice warm day like we had!



Blighty Coffee is situated a few minutes away from Finsbury Park station, and as it’s on the Victoria line, it’s ridiculously easy to reach from central, or even South London. I had a quick read through their website, and apparently their full English breakfast, aptly called ‘The Winston’, was recently voted the best full English in the UK, so I would definitely say their brunch is worth the trek (or a leisurely stroll if you’re lucky enough to live close by)!


Blighty Coffee, 35-37 Blackstock Road, London N4 2JF