Desperately seeking photography skills

When I was younger, I really wanted to become a photographer – a fashion photographer, to be exact. I loved flicking through magazines with beautiful editorials and inventive sets, and I hoped that one day I could be there too, just behind the camera. I’m not quite sure what happened to that dream – at first it was probably parties and going out, and then, later, having to find a full time job so I could afford paying rent and have some fun every now and then too. I think somewhere around then that dream kind of slipped away from me a little bit.


Even when I wasn’t actually thinking of getting better at using the camera or actively thinking about photography, even as a hobby, I still always remained quite a visual person. It might sound a bit silly, but I fell in love with Instagram as soon as I discovered it, because it let me capture everyday moments and be a little bit creative along the way too, whilst still being able to concentrate on all those other “real life” issues.


Slowly, around the time I moved back to London, I started thinking about getting a better camera again instead of just using the (slightly crappy) one I had on my phone. And so, about over a year ago, I started this blog which really kickstarted my passion for trying my hand at the picture taking thing again. Even though now it’s a bit more about all things London, food and everyday moments rather than fashion, the love of being behind the lens has stayed the same.



I’d love to take a proper photography course, but seeing how expensive they are, I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. Instead, I’ve been reading a little guide to digital photography, and just trying out different settings on my DSLR to see what happens. The photos on this post have all been taken with the AV setting as I’m trying to go with baby steps here – I don’t think I’m quite ready for fully manual yet! But for the longest time, I’m confident that with a bit of time, I actually might be.


It’s such a great feeling to have found something that I’m actually feeling pretty passionate about, after years of forcing myself to go through different sorts of hobbies without really feeling the love for them. I really love creating content for this little blog of mine, and I just hope it shows!



I really do still want to do that photography course too, though – I feel like I always learn better when someone is showing me what to do and then letting me try and experiment on my own. Right now I’m saving for New York (eek!), Glastonbury (Must. Get. Tickets!) and Christmas presents (yes, already), but I think after these things are done and dusted, the next money saving project should definitely be those courses. If you know any good and relatively cheap ones, please do let me know – I’d love to get some tips!


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