How to spend: One day in Brighton

I popped down to Brighton for a quick 24 hours trip a few weeks ago, and, as I had a really lovely time, I thought it would be nice to put together a bit of a “guide” for anyone heading over there. Well, I say guide, but I’m using the term very loosely – as much as I would love to be an expert in all things Brighton, I’m still very much of a tourist! I did, however, find a few gems I really loved and thought it would be selfish not to share, so here we are! Let’s start with the most obvious one – the beautiful Brighton Beach.





I love the Brighton Beach – it’s the first UK beach I ever visited and so has a very fond place in my heart. Of course I’m not the biggest fan of the rocky aspect of it, but when you get over it (and remember to wear shoes AT ALL TIMES) it’s so beautiful and full of things to do – I love the little carousel, the cafes dotted along the beach front, and, most of all, the famous pier. The latter is definitely a must-visit whenever going to Brighton – it’s so lively and full of yummy things to eat..!


We visited the beach both in the evening when it was already dark and filled with blinking lights, and during the daytime when I finally got to have my first outdoors swim of the year. I really enjoyed both times – the night and daytime have their own charms, but I love both equally. I grew up on the seaside and I miss it a lot when I’m away, which is why going to Brighton beach was such a great reminder that I don’t actually have to travel that far to get to enjoy a bit of sea-air. I can’t wait to go back already!





There’s a few really cute, artsy looking shops on the seafront, my favourite being one called Caster & Pollux, a shop selling everything from jewellery to prints, books and really cute homeware. I went there in search of a new print to put on our wall and ended up spending way more time in the shop than I originally intended! It’s full of lovely things to discover and lust over for – I’d really recommend taking a peek inside if you happen to be in the area!



The famous area of North Laine is definitely one of the best if you’re in the lookout for vintage or vintage inspired clothes. I went to Brighton with a pretty tight budget and as soon as I stepped into the streets of this area I immediately regretted it. A lot. The streets are full of beautiful shops and different market stalls and I wanted everything. I especially loved the dresses of Sugarhill Boutique and the beautiful 50s inspired ones from the Collectif store (which luckily has a internet shop too and some stalls in London.. all is not lost!). Next time I go to Brighton I’m gonna keep this little heaven in mind and go on a little shopping spree – I need want ALL the dresses!



19 Old Steine, BN1 1EL


I was recommended this place by my lovely friend Alex who spends a lot of time in Brighton and I’m so glad we followed her advice! The restaurant felt like a proper little Italian joint, and for a little while it almost felt like we had gone on holiday for somewhere a lot further than Brighton. VIP is a family run business, established in Naples in 1845 (!) and you can really taste the authenticity in their food.


The decor is really cool and rustic too – everywhere you look is filled with some little knickknacks from ALL the Italian treats on the shelves to fresh ingredients hanging from the ceiling of the kitchen. I wanted to take pictures of every single little detail, but didn’t want to ruin everyone else’s lunch hour by snapping away constantly and making noise… I’m sure you get the picture though, and, if not, you’ll just have to go and see it for yourselves..!




1-3 Prince Albert Street, BN1 1HE


If I wasn’t already sold on wanting to give up my life in the big city and move to the seaside, this little gem of a bar definitely convinced me. They played great music (vintage rock’n’roll mixed with Arctic Monkeys – what’s not to love?), had rooms decorated in different, really cool ways and, probably most importantly, they had a photobooth! Not sure which of these things I loved the most, but what I do know is that together they made a pretty damn great pub. I wish we had more time to spend there – I have a feeling that they might do some pretty great DJ nights that I would love to try out, but I guess there’s a reason enough for me to go back to Brighton very soon!


Any great places I missed? Where should I go next time I visit? I feel like there were still so many shops, restaurants and cafes I wanted to check out!