3 things to do on sick days

Those who know me well (or not even that well, to be honest…) know that when I get ill, I really get ill and shut myself off from the real world for a few days. I’d like to think that during my – unfortunately – many spells of getting a cold over the years, I’ve become somewhat of an expert on how to do sick days – although I’m still hoping to learn how to get better faster, or better yet, not get sick at all! It’s a work in progress, but in the meantime I thought I’d tell you about my so called “sick day routine” as it’s not like I had a chance to go gallivanting around town last week to work on another kind of blog post either… Most of these are very obvious tips, of course, but I hope I can recommend some things you hadn’t thought about and maybe inspire you along the way too!




This is the main thing I (and most people, I guess) do. I feel like it’s important to find a show with enough seasons and episodes to last through all of your sick days. There’s nothing worse than finding an amazing show to watch only to run out episodes and having to think of something that will fill that void. Sounds dramatic, I know, but who isn’t a bit melodramatic when they’re ill?!


This time I chose the wonderful Gilmore Girls, because even though I had already started watching it before, I still had almost three seasons left which I figured would be enough. A perfect sick day show is something that doesn’t require too much hard thinking – perfect examples would be How to Get Away with Murder, Pretty Little Liars and, of course, Gilmore Girls. All of these shows have that little something that really pull you in to their reality – in fact, after watching multiple consecutive episodes of Gilmore Girls, I almost forgot that I didn’t actually live in Stars Hollow…


One thing I would say about this TV watching malarkey is that it’s important to “portion” it. I promised myself that every time I finished one episode, I had to get up and do something else, even if it was just to make a cup of tea or a fresh juice. Even though resting is very important when you’re sick, just lying down, staring at the screen and watching episode after episode can actually make you feel even more lethargic and achy. Aside from making a mean cup of tea, the other little things I did in between episodes was washing dishes (oddly therapeutic), taking a bath and, of course, all of the other things I’ve yet to mention in this little list of mine…




Another sick day classic! I’ve really been hit by the reading bug (is that even a thing?) recently and have been reading a lot more, which is great news as I didn’t like being in my non-reading rut at all! I think the same rules apply for choosing a good sick day book as choosing a TV show – it needs to be a real page turner and take you away from your miserable state for a little while. Whilst factual books all very well and good, they don’t work for me when I’m ill – I really need to be taken away from this reality to another one and it seems that only fiction does the trick for me.


The Bridget Jones books would be PERFECT for this purpose, or, if you’re more into something more otherworldly and sinister, The City of Woven Streets by Finnish author Emmi Itäranta is absolutely amazing. She actually wrote the book both in English and Finnish simultaneously by herself, how impressive is that?! Some books that I haven’t had a chance to read yet but really want to (and have high hopes for) are Us by David Nicholls and Yes, please! by Amy Poehler – has anyone read these? I’m particularly excited about the David Nicholls one, he’s one of my favourite authors in the world!




Every now and then it’s good to rest your eyes a bit as well, and that’s where podcasts and audio books come into play. I for one get really bad headaches when I’m ill, and as much fun as watching TV and reading is, I need to close my eyes in between doing those thing too. A half an hour podcast or audio book session can really do the trick – I often turn off the lights too to minimize irritation and try to relax and just listen. This can sometimes be a bit of a hard task for me as I’m kind of a fidget – I always need to be doing something! This time, though, I was really strict with myself and I think it really paid off – at the end of the day I felt much better and less of an anxious ball of stress than I sometimes do when I’m sick and just been lethargically laying in front of the TV for an entire day.


My current favourite podcast is Ctrl Alt Delete by Emma Gannon where she interviews different inspiring women (and a few men, too!) who all have carved a very different career path and are all doing something they are passionate about and love doing. I really enjoyed listening to them because, as you may know, I’ve been really thinking about my future lately, and listening to all these different sorts of success stories made me feel very motivated. Thank you Emma!


My go to audio book is, of course, the Harry Potter books. I don’t think there is anything lovelier than listening to someone else reading out your favourite books that were such a massive part of your childhood – it just feels so comforting! The other great thing is that because I’ve read these books so many times, it doesn’t matter if I dose in and out whilst they’re playing on the background – I’m never gonna have to worry about missing something! Plus, Stephen Fry’s voice is so soothing.


Did I miss something? What do you like to do when your bed bound with the cold?

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