HEJ Coffee, Bermondsey

A few weeks ago I spotted a pretty little cafe in my Instagram feed (this has been happening a lot lately!) and once I saw what it was called, I assumed that it must be some sort of Scandinavian/Nordic place (Hej is Swedish and means hello in English, though you probably already guessed that!). I make it my mission to visit all Nordic themed cafes/bars/restaurants – you name it – in London so I immediately added this to my very long list of places to go to.


Hej Coffee is situated in the beautiful Bermondsey Square near the south bank of the Thames and it serves everything from Scandinavian lunch options to coffee, tea and cakes. I opted for the fresh mint tea which was super refreshing and tasty, and had I had more time, I would’ve definitely tried one of their cakes out too! I really liked that they had taken most intolerances & diets into consideration too with their vegan and gluten free options – it’s not always a given!



Disclaimer: HEJ isn’t in the lovely Bermondsey Street but it’s right next to it so you’ve got a lot of exploring to do if you head this way!



One of the other things that drew me towards this place, aside from its Nordic-ness, was the beautiful exterior and interior. The front of HEJ is often adorned with lots and lots of flowers by Dante Carmassi which you can buy and take home for yourself or just admire from afar. I’m not sure how often the flowers are there as unfortunately I didn’t manage to witness them myself last Saturday – I think it might just be a weekday thing! If you’re going there specifically for the floral display, it may be best to call the guys at the coffee shop first to make sure!


HEJ Coffee is also so much more than just a coffee house – I’ve already mentioned the beautiful flowers, but they also host coffee workshops where their talented staff teach novices not unlike me how to make great coffee – although as a caffeine intolerant, I’m probably a bad example for this specific situation… And, the beautiful people that they are, they also hold lots of different sorts of projects to help out the disadvantaged youth of the area to learn different skills and then help them get jobs in the hospitality industry in London. A pretty great bunch, huh?



Here’s the beautiful interior I was talking about – quite minimal but still very cosy with lots of beautiful wood everywhere. Aside from the tables you can see in the pictures above, the best seat in the house has to be the one where the last picture is taken from. It’s a little corner next to the counter made cosy with lots of cushions, magazines to read and the best people watching opportunities in the whole place. I didn’t manage to grab a picture of it because as soon as I got up to leave, someone else had already grabbed it – like I said: it’s definitely the best seat in the house! I didn’t really want to intrude their Saturday coffee moment either by sticking a camera in their face which meant that the picture was left untaken, but hey, I guess that’s one out many reasons to go back!


HEJ Coffee, 1 Bermondsey Square, London SE1 3UN