Wine Parlour, Brixton

Wine lovers, I think I’ve found the perfect little place for you if you ever find yourself south of the river!


Wine Parlour is a lovely little wine bar – as the name suggests – hidden in a little side street in Brixton, with a loooong list of wines all around the globe and a super knowledgeable staff. I walk past it most days and it always looks really cosy, but for some reason I “never find the time” (read: am too lazy) to visit it as much as I’d like!



Finally, a few weekends ago, me and Jim found ourselves without any plans on a Saturday evening (the horror!) and decided to finally pay a long overdue visit to the parlour. We were seated next to a window (perfect for people watching!) and given a long list of wines to choose from. We went with a white wine called Pinot Gris which turned out to be absolutely wonderful.


Now, I don’t know much about wines (anything, if we’re being honest here) and usually can’t taste the “subtle notes” of the various flavors that are supposed to be in different varieties. For me, wine either tastes good or it tastes bad – there’s not much in between. And this wine, dear readers (lol), tasted really good. So good, in fact, that I’m now looking out for it from all the wine lists I browse – so far, unfortunately, without much success.



A side note: I’m finding it funny that as someone who doesn’t really understand anything about wines, I’ve just managed to ramble on about them for a few paragraphs… That said, I do want to learn! I want to be one of those sophisticated people who can actually taste all those notes in a wine – and not just rate them as simply bad or good. Maybe one day, eh?


Wine Parlour does do wine tasting courses that sound pretty tempting, but I think at the moment my savings should probably be going towards that NYC trip and all those other things on my ever growing list of things I want to do! It’s good to know they’re out there though – they all include a cheese platter too if all else fails…