My weekly goals

I thought I would come and write a sort of mini post in order to explain why this one is a bit late and why I couldn’t do the posts I actually had in mind! I suddenly started feeling very ill last Friday (turned out to be food poisoning – ugh!), had to leave work early and, if we’re being honest here, had one of the most horrible weekends in a very long time. I had so many plans for the weekend; I wanted to take a lot of photos, explore new areas of London and then go dancing to indie pop and the Spice Girls – respectively – in the evenings. Obviously that didn’t quite happen, and the whole weekend went by in big haze with a lot of sleeping and watching TV thrown in in equal measures.


As I was feeling miserable and incredibly sorry for myself, I tried to occupy my thoughts by thinking about all the nice things I would do once I felt better – everyday life always seems so much more exciting when you’re bed bound, doesn’t it? Here are the things I was (and still am!) most looking forward to from the coming week:




I bought this new book called London by Tube the other week from the National Portrait Gallery and it’s really inspiring me so far! It has a little trivia section on most of London’s tube stations with some really great short walk suggestions for each area, and I’m determined to execute and photograph at least one of my own favourite walks in London during next weekend. I’m so excited because one full weekend spent entirely in bed was definitely enough for me, and I can’t wait to start exploring this lovely city again!




I’ve been really getting into using Instagram lately – it’s definitely my favourite social media platform! I’ve started posting twice a day (with the exception of this dark weekend, as it shall now be known…) and I’ve definitely seen some growth, but also I seem to lose some followers every time I post! I imagine it’s a) people who don’t like what I post anymore (sniff), b) spam accounts or c) people who follow other people just to get a follow back and then leave (double sniff).


I’ve joined Alex Tooby’s 7 day Instagram course where she send one email per day for one week straight, each email coming with a different lesson and homework to learn. It looks really promising, although unfortunately I joined it just as I got ill so I’ve missed 3 days – here’s hoping I can still do them, just on my own schedule. Wish me luck!




Okay, so this is less of a goal, and more of a way of relaxation after a long day at work, but I thought I would include it anyway… I started rewatching the show on Saturday because I just needed something easy that I had already watched once and Downton Abbey just felt like a bit of a safety blanket. I watched two seasons in two days and my god, I forgot how much drama is packed into each episode! These characters never seem to catch a break, do they?! By the time I’d finished the two series I’d definitely cried at least 5 times – there goes that safety blanket…


All that said though I love the show and I’m surprised – drama aside – how well it still works on the second round. My favourite character is still Lady Sybil – she’s the sweetest and kindest character in the show which is definitely a welcome relief amidst all that scheming (I’m looking at you Thomas)!


(I can’t believe I’ve just added watching Downton Abbey into my weekly goals…)


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