Vegan London: Fed by Water

Fed by Water is a lovely Italian vegan restaurant right in the heart of Dalston, on the buzzy Kingsland Road. My friend Sandra lives close to the area and when she told me she’d seen a vegan pizza (and pasta!) place on her way home, I didn’t need a lot of persuading to agree to go for a Sunday lunch, as you can probably imagine!


Everything in the menu is completely plant based, and believe me when I say, the selection was pretty huge! There were the usual suspects from pizza to pasta, but also lots of different salads, antipasti & “cheese” platters and a great selection of vegan and raw vegan cakes and other desserts.



I opted for the “spicy salami” (made with seitan) pizza while Sandra went with the simple (but yummy) margarita topped with cashew “mozzarella”. I really enjoyed my pizza and devoured every last slice – even though I was definitely full by halfway through already…


This was the first time I ever tried vegan “salami” and I thought that the taste added a nice spiciness to the pizza, but I have to say I don’t think the texture was very “sausage-y”! The best things about the pizza were definitely the lovely crispy base and the marinara which was just wonderful!



I didn’t take a dessert (one whole pizza is definitely already too much for me..!) but Sandra tried the chocolate mousse and really loved it. (I had a sneaky bite too and can confirm it was very rich and lovely!) They were out of the raw carrot cake when we went but I think I definitely want to go back for that one especially – it sounds so good and the fact that everything else we tried was so tasty is a pretty promising indicator too…


You can find Fed by Water on Kingsland Road by the Kingsland Shopping Centre – enjoy!


(I’m just looking at the menu again and there are so many things I still want to try – lasagne most of all – so you’ll probably see me there too, munching away, if you end up visiting…)

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