3 ingredients for a cosy night in

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I’ve always been a massive TV geek and boxsets (or now Netflix, I guess) have for a long time now been THE perfect answer for a cosy night in. There’s never been anything more satisfying than starting an amazing show knowing that you still have lots of hours of fun left ahead of you. So far I’ve been stuck with watching most things off of my small laptop screen, but if I could, I’d be watching everything from the Panasonic 4K TV – I mean, seeing Seth Cohen’s (my fictional husband, in case you didn’t know) face in a big resolution TV couldn’t be too bad, right?


Anyway, back to the boxsets! I think Christmas time is definitely the time for rewatching old classics, and, because I grew up during the late nineties and early noughties, classics for me mean the likes of The O.C. (did I mention Seth Cohen already?!), Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Charmed – I could rewatch these three shows until pretty much forever! Watching the Christmas specials of Downton Abbey would be pretty special too, and perfect for the season we’re in, too.


When it comes to good movies, I rate anything by Sofia Coppola very highly (yes, her movies aren’t technically always very cute and fluffy, but they’re shot so beautifully and she’s the master of the perfect soundtrack which meant I just had to include her!) and, of course, all the Bridget Jones movies. Especially the first one.




A good nacho platter has got to be one of the best pamper-y comfort foods there are. I used to always make one with tuna or minced meat, but after becoming a vegetarian I had to make a few tweaks to the recipe and I think I’ve finally mastered it. I really am super happy with how it turned out – you could even make it vegan by switching the cheese into a dairy free version! Without further ado:




– Plain salted tortilla chips


– Salsa


– Guacamole


– Jalapeños


– 1 yellow pepper


– Two handfuls of chopped cherry tomatoes


– Grated cheddar


Just chop the cherry tomatoes in half and the peppers into little cubes, then start piling all your ingredients on top of each other on the tortilla chips. After you’re happy with the amount of the toppings, place your nachos in the oven and keep them there for about 10 minutes, or until the cheese is getting golden and crispy. Believe me – these are so yummy!




I feel like the biggest cliche in the world by saying this, but a very important ingredient for a cosy night is definitely by setting the mood with the help of dimming lights, candles & fairy lights. After you’re happy with the setting, get lots and lots of pillows and a massive duvet and make a little fort from them in the sofa or your bed. Put your comfiest PJ’s on, make a cup of tea and jump into your fort. And most of all, enjoy!




This post is sponsored by Panasonic but the love for shiny big TV:s that enable my TV show obsession is 100% my own.

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