Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!


As you’re reading this I’m on my way to the lovely (well, I imagine – I’ve never been there before!) island of Malta to spend Christmas with my family and my boyfriend. I can’t freaking wait! (Ps. If you have any tips on what to do there, please send them my way!)



This is the second Christmas I’m spending abroad (the first one being NYC two years ago) and I couldn’t be more excited. After being quite affected by the dark weather, a trip to somewhere with a bit more sun (and the sea – THE SEA!) is SO welcome.


I am slightly sad that we won’t get to do all of our Christmas traditions (rice porridge at 12 on Christmas Eve, lighting sparklers and eating ALL the potatoes and peas – the Finnish stuff!) but the prospect of seeing a new country and actually getting to be on a proper holiday still wins.



I’m gonna try and get a lot of pictures to share with you after I come back but don’t hold it against me if I don’t – this holiday’s all about that relaxation after all!


Have a lovely Christmas guys – I can’t wait to hear what everyone got up to!


(Ps. Here’s how our typical Finnish Christmas looks like! Isn’t it so cosy and beautiful?)


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