London eats: DF/Mexico, Spitalfields

Guys, I think I’ve found a serious contender for my Wahaca obsession.


The place is called DF/Mexico and it is SO COOL. They have two branches – one in Tottenham Court Road and one in Spitalfieds (we visited the latter for a Sunday lunch). The restaurant is quite big and light due to its lovely large windows and the decor is very much on point with beautiful wooden floors, industrial style lamps and lovely copper details dotted here and there.


I’m not sure if it’s just me, but DF/Mexico kind of reminded me of a lot of places I saw in New York when I went two years ago. It might just be because the decor was quite similar to the hotel we stayed in, but whatever it was, I absolutely loved it. In fact, there’s actually a lot of places in Spitalfields that gave me a similar vibe – maybe it’s the red brick buildings and the old industrial feel it still has. I definitely need to explore this area more – I saw so many pubs and restaurants I’ve already added to my never ending list of places I want to try!



The menu is really extensive, too. They have tacos that come in twos, burritos, salads and lots of other options to choose from. Every type of food (except the grill section) also has a vegetarian option which of course is pretty amazing. I think I’m just going to have to go back multiple times to trial them all.. I mean, someone has to do it!


In the end I went with the veggie tacos and chilli salt fries, and the tacos especially were reeeaally good. Even though there is “only” two, it’s definitely a very generous portion and I would’ve probably been fine with just that, no fries needed. What can I say though – I just wanted to try and fit in as much as I could!


Next time I think I’m going to try their veggie burrito and nacho platter (although maybe share the latter with someone…). From looking at the ingredients on the menu, the burrito seems to be vegan too although I would ask the waiter before ordering – I haven’t seen the nutritional info and you never know what hidden ingredients there are! It sounds really yummy anyway and I’ll definitely report back if I ever try it. Which I probably will…



My date, seriously concentrating on the menu. Choosing your food is serious business!



One other really cool thing about the restaurant is this “self service station”. They have three different mocktails (aguas frescas) on the menu, which you can pick up from this station once you’ve paid. There’s also free refills, so you’ll really get your money’s worth. We tried the lime & chia one and it was seriously refreshing!


Other things you can pick up from the station are lime wedges to spice up your drinks with and different chilli sauces to spice up your food. My favourite was the salsa verde and the fruity chilli sauce – so yummy! I think this part of the restaurant fully sealed the deal for me – I love when you get to pimp your food a little bit and something like this always makes it so much more fun! Plus anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely love my sauces. I generally smother my food with them if given a chance – it’s a serious problem…



My lovely, lovely food! I think this has already become one of those places where I can’t wait to introduce others to. I’m already looking forward to friends and family visiting so I can take them here – I’m seriously infatuated!