London streets: Stoke Newington High Street

I know I’ve confessed my love for Stoke Newington a few times already, but there’s still a couple of photos and tips I wanted to share with you! In this post I’m concentrating on the high street part of the area, which is a long, vibrant street with everything from Mexican tapas and cocktails to an organic supermarket for all you health conscious folk.


The street starts off as Kingsland Road on the Dalston end and after around a 10 minute walk from Dalston Junction it changes into Stoke Newington Road, and then, later, into Stoke Newigton High Street (so many different streets!). I guess you could say that Dalston is the younger, hipper and slightly raunchier little sibling and Stoke Newington is the fine wine drinking, but still painstaking trendy, older sister.


You can really see the difference between the two sides, and although I love both of them (Dalston will always have a huge place in my heart as I once lived really close by) this time I’m concentrating on the big sister.



If you came hear to eat, you’re in for a treat (hey, hey, that rhymes). One of my absolute long time favourites is VIVA Tapas which is a Mexican inspired tapas place serving amazing little plates (including the most yummiest nacho platters) and the loveliest cocktails. They also have a little beer garden at the back which is lovely during the summer! To be honest with you, I think VIVA is still considered to be Dalston, but as I love it so much I just couldn’t help not to mention it!


Further along the road, when you get to the high street, you’ve got a burger place called Stokey Bears (their veggie burger sounds so good!), Caribbean restaurant Rudie’s and the very cosy looking Spanish tapas restaurant Black Pig with White Pearls. I also really like the look of the Victorian inspired The Haberdashery – it looks so cute and I just love the concept (Victorian inspired ecletic decor & crockery).



For shopping you’re spoilt for choice too. Want organic products to cook with? Go to Harvest N16 at number 172. Want Chinese furniture (yes, you heard right)? Go to the Rouge Shop at number 158. I could keep doing a list like this forever – there are so many independent shops on this street and you can pretty much get anything you could think of (and also so many things you couldn’t!).


Other places you can spend all your hard earned money on could be the vintage fancy dress shop Only Fools & Horses, a knitwear shop with a conscience Knit with Attitude or Mint Vintage for – you guessed it – vintage clothing. I can’t wait for payday now..!



Have you spent any time on this area? What did I miss (aka where should I go next?!)?


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