3 ways to celebrate pancake day!



The Blues Kitchen is a small restaurant & blues bar chain with branches in Camden (best and original!), Shoreditch and Brixton. They always have American style pancakes on their brunch menu which you can either have as very sweet (with vanilla cream & berries) or as sweet & salty (with bacon and maple syrup).


The Diner – This American vintage styled diner chain is going all out today with a special pancake menu. I’m especially tempted by their Reese’s Pieces pancakes – I’m basically drooling just thinking about them. They recommend booking or getting to the branches early as they expect to be very busy – which I’m not surprised about! There’s also pancakes on their normal everyday menu, so if you can’t make it there today you can still have their classic ones any other day!


La Petit Bretagne – If you’re not after the American style pancakes, I’ve got a good alternative for you: This creperie is an amazing little French place with branches in Hammersmith and Clapham. They do both savoury and sweet options, and I would suggest you try one of each – they’re both super good and there’s definitely something for everyone. I would especially recommend the salted caramel crepe – yum!




There are so many easy pancake recipes online, that if you don’t want to leave your house or spend money in a restaurant packed with ALL the pancake fanatics, you can easily whip up ones at home. I’m of the lazy variety, so I tried out the 3-ingredient banana pancake recipe by Chocolate Covered Katie yesterday and they were so easy to make, and very quick too! It took me about 10 minutes from mixing up the ingredients to when the pancakes were on my plate. I served them with raspberries, slices of banana and maple syrup and they went down a treat.




On the same day as you UK people celebrate pancake day, us Nordics and Scandinavians have our own traditions. On shrove Tuesday we head to go sledding in the snow (or at least we did when I was a kid..!), and afterwards have these lovely sweet buns filled with either jam or almond paste and whipped cream. Finns call them laskiaispulla, but the Swedish word for it, semla, probably rolls off the tongue a bit easier. Nordic Bakery serves the Finnish versions with blueberry jam in its four locations, but you can also get the Swedish ones from Scandinavian Kitchen. Hyvää ruokahalua!


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