Afternoon in Fulham High Street

Two weeks ago me and my boyfriend took the Friday off from work to celebrate our three year anniversary and set out to explore bits of London we hadn’t really explored before. One of these areas was Fulham, which I really wanted to visit due to its proximity to the river and because I imagined it would probably feel a bit like a quiet, village-y type place, not unlike the nearby(ish) Wimbledon. I wasn’t completely wrong as even though it didn’t reach the cuteness levels of Wimbledon Village, it did still feel very quaint and somewhere with a strong sense of local community.


I didn’t get to explore nearly as much as I wanted to, but we did visit a beautiful park, ate a delicious lunch and had an afternoon drink in a beautiful pub that gave me serious interior goals – a pretty successful morning/afternoon if you ask me! My main goal wasn’t to take pictures as it was our day but as the sun was shining so gloriously I couldn’t help but to snap a few. They turned out okay (even though me and the sun were having it out on the first few photos – it was too harsh and I couldn’t get rid of the shadows!) so I thought I would share them here with a few Fulham recommendations thrown in.



After a few hours of walking around, we started getting very hungry for lunch, and decided to opt for a small Italian restaurant called Pappa Ciccia we spotted on Fulham High Street. We went in without any preconceptions, and luckily it paid off as the food was not only delicious but also excellent value for money. They have a lunch deal which includes a main (we had pizza, of course), bread and a side salad as well as a drink of your choice only for £10 – pretty good, right?


I had a margherita pizza with chillies and glass of cold white wine, and it almost felt like Spring as the sun was warming me through the window. The pizza was really good, as was the atmosphere – it was pretty quiet when we went, but you could still really tell that it was a proper, authentic Italian family business. I really like little places like this – they truly are my happy places and the perfect antidotes for big, soulless businesses.



After our lunch we decided it was the perfect time to enjoy a Friday afternoon in a pub before all the after-work crowds would come in. Luckily we didn’t have to go far, as we found a beautiful pub called The Kings Arms just up the road from our lunch spot. It was full of light, colourful furniture and little cosy nooks to while away the day. I had a glass of wine and looked how the sun started to sink lower and lower in the sky, until it was time for us to head to other side of London to meet friends and have even more food – in other words, it was a pretty perfect day off!


I love lazy days like this – they remind me that London truly is so amazing with all of its different areas that all have something pretty special to offer if you just know where to look and are willing to get a bit lost along the way.


Have a very lovely and explorative (yes, I’m pretty sure I just made up that word) Saturday!


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