A little guide to Wimbledon Village

Most people are probably aware of Wimbledon as the place where the famous tennis competitions take place every year, but a lot of people might be surprised by how much more the area has to offer aside from that as well. I’ve lived close-ish to Wimbledon for a few years now, and it’s really become my go to place to have lunch on the weekends, do some shopping or to just have a picturesque walk on a nice day and wander around.


The main part of Wimbledon has the shopping and the eating part down pretty well (you can find most chains here so no need to trek it all the way to busy central London!) but when it comes to those picturesque walks, there’s nowhere better than Wimbledon Village. As you might expect from most villages, this one too is dotted with little shops (the charity shops here are amazing!), big pubs with gardens and lots and lots of beautiful houses to pine over.



It takes about 20 minutes to walk from Wimbledon station to the village, and once you get there, I would reserve about an hour for walking around and musing around the shops, and then another one to have lunch or dinner in one of the lovely pubs. I like the Rose & Crown and The Dog & Fox, both of which are also lovely B&B:s in case you want to make a staycation out of it!


As for those food options, I do have to confess I have never had lunch here before! I definitely want to do that soon though, as there are SO many places I’d love to try – such as the Thai restaurant Thai Tho, the cafe/brunch place Brew, or the Wimbledon branch of the famous Ivy Cafe chain.



When it comes to shopping, you’re spoiled for choice too. Want something a bit cheaper but still special? Head to one of the charity shops on the high street – I found SO many things I wanted from them. Need something a bit more luxurious for a special occasion? Wimbledon Village has lots of little fashion shops such as Hobbs and Reiss, as well as a few bridal and lingerie shops too. There’s also the lovely Neom selling organic & natural skincare and fragrances which are, although correct me if I’m wrong, also cruelty free.


My personal favourite, however, was this sort of independent supermarket, Bayley & Sage, which stocked everything from fresh seasonal produce to ALL the cheeses and pastries, as well as lots of smaller brands that you might not be able to find in your local Tesco. I absolutely loved it there and could have spent ages browsing around the aisles!



What’s your favourite London village? I love that there’s so many of them!

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