London walks: Greenwich to Blackheath Village

Length: 50-60 minutes if you stop to wander around the river and in the market – which you absolutely should!


Notable sights? The historic sailing ship The Cutty Sark, the famous Prime Meridian Line and the Royal Observatory.


Why should I do it? Greenwich is one of my favourite places in London. The market bit is really buzzy and full of amazing little stalls selling flowers, food and crafts, but at the same time the whole area has a lovely village-y feel to it – and it’s only in zone 2! Blackheath Village, on the other hand, which is about a 20-25 minute walk from Greenwich, is a full on quiet little area where time seems to have stopped – it’s full of country pubs, a massive field for picnics and lots of little shops.


As per usual, I’ve put the map HERE so you can see the route I took, without me having to try to (badly) explain where I turned left and where I turned right…



We started off at the Cutty Sark DLR station and made our way towards the market. We made a little detour in order to have a nosy around the river and the Cutty Sark (the actual boat, not the station!). The river is only five minutes away from the station, so it’s definitely worth going to have a look at the views, especially if it’s nice weather! From the river it’s again about a five minute walk to the market, which I think should definitely be an essential part of anyone’s visit to Greenwich!



I wish I managed to take more pictures of all the different stalls in the market, as there is such a great variety, but I have to say I felt slightly uncomfortable going too close with my camera to snap people’s handcrafted items! I did manage to get a few pictures though, mainly of food (of course) and those gorgeous succulents of which I wanted to get each and every single one to take home! I think I might have to go back, perhaps on a weekend after payday…


It was really difficult to choose which place to get my lunch from, but in the end a stall making messy fries won over my heart. They had quite a few different options, all of which sounded pretty yummy, so deciding what to get was hard! In the end I decided to go for the Mexican fries with guacamole, jalapenos and cajun spice, as it was actually vegan too plus who can resist a bit of guac?!


The fries were SO GOOD, even though the guys making them did forget to add in the jalapenos… That said, when I realized that they were “missing”, I was too far away and couldn’t be bothered to go back and complain, which does technically make it partly my fault too – I was being pretty lazy! I have to give it to them though, as even without the jalapenos, the fries were really good and had just the perfect ratio of guacamole and chilli sauce – yum!



This is the view from the top of Greenwich Park, and it’s by far one of my favourite views in London. After finishing our lunch in Greenwich Park (my first outdoors lunch this year – yay!) we started climbing up towards the top, which was admittedly slightly difficult with a full stomach (it’s a pretty steep hill, okay?) but as I mentioned earlier, very much worth it in the end due to the amazing views.



After you’re done admiring the views, it’s time to continue towards Blackheath Village. Just continue past the Royal Observatory and keep going straight through the park and you’ll soon arrive to a massive open field which is the heath itself. If you walk through the field towards the church (which is also very pretty!) you’ll find your way to the cute little village full of pubs and shops to keep you entertained.


My favourite pub in Blackheath is the The Railway right next to the train station, but last time I also paid a quick visit to the Princess of Wales right next to the heath, which was SUPER cute as well. They also have quite a sizeable garden at the back, which means it would be great for those sunny days I’m confident we’ll start getting very soon..!


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