Snippets from Marylebone Village

Despite of living in London for quite a long time now, I’ve never properly explored Marylebone. I find this a bit strange, given its central location, and the fact that it’s such a popular place for tourists as well, but, for some reason, I never really made it past the Sherlock Holmes pub and Madame Tussaud’s… Which, of course, don’t represent the area very well at all!


Last weekend, I decided to finally right this wrong. Me and my friend met in Baker Street, fought our way past the tourist crowds and finally made it into the picture perfect Marylebone Village, full of beautiful little streets, old building and a plethora of independent retailers from whisky shops to bakeries and fashion boutiques. I wish I could make a longer post, a proper guide, for you, but as I have just confessed that I’m not that familiar with the area, I think it will take a few more visits for me to gather my thoughts and find all my favourite places! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the photographs I took – there’s a few words and tips dotted in too!



The famous Ivy Cafe, a little sister to the original in the West End. Definitely one to put on your list of restaurants to visit when you want a bit of luxury in your life. It’s already on mine and I can’t wait to go one day!



Another little place to I’m adding to my London list: The Monocle Cafe. So cute, isn’t it?



The above sign is for Cadenheads Whisky Shop & Tasting Room on Chiltern Street (this whole street is really lovely, by the way!) which is an amazing place if you’re a whisky lover or know someone who is and want to give them a great present. They have a a little shop upstairs filled with all different sorts of whiskies for different price points, and if you feel even a little bit lost, the super knowledgeable staff is there to help you.


The downstairs bit of Cadenheads has the cosiest little tasting room fitting 8 people at a time. For £25 per person you get to try six different whiskies as well as learn a lot about the process of making them and about the history of the drink. I’ve actually never been the biggest whisky fan, but even I really loved the experience and would without a doubt recommend it to anyone even a bit interested in the subject!



I had to take a few snaps of this restaurant because A) I’ve heard so many good things, and, B) because I just really liked the way it looked. Two very much valid reasons, right? Has anyone been here before?


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