Brunch in Clerkenwell Grind

Grind is a small-ish chain of coffee shops (as you might have guessed from the name!) but they are also so much more – they’re very well known for their yummy brunch and beautiful interiors, but did you know that they also do dinner and cocktails, and that most of them are also open until pretty late?


The Clerkenwell branch entertains guests until 2am on weekends and most other branches will keep their doors open until midnight too. Only the branches at Whitechapel and Royal Exchange close up at 9pm and 7pm respectively, but in all the other places you can sip your cocktails until quite a bit later!



I decided to try out the Clerkenwell branch for two reasons: firstly, we have a direct train to Farringdon from where it’s only a 10 minute walk to the cafe, and secondly, I had seen so many pictures of its beautiful interior that I just had to experience it myself – typical blogger, eh?


Luckily, it was even better than I imagined – filled with marble tables, blush pink furniture and neon signs, it was basically an Instagrammers (myself included) dream. Also, I didn’t manage to take any pictures, but the toilets were beautiful too, also going strong with the pastel theme. I thought that it was worth a mention, in case there’s anyone else out there who’s always looking for the next cute place to powder their noses in… Or is that just really weird?



Aside from the interior, I was mostly here, of course, for the food. Breakfast, to be precise.


I opted – unsurprisingly – for avocado on toast (I should really start trying other things too – if only for variety on the blog..!) which was topped with feta cheese, chilli and poached eggs. The combination worked wonderfully, with the crumbles of feta being a cherry on top.



Lastly, one thing I really wanted to mention was the service. Everyone who served us was so friendly, especially our waiter who was super nice and joke-y and left me feeling really positive about our whole experience! Sometimes in these trendy places the service can sometimes feel a bit too “cool”, which is why this felt even more refreshing.


Go, go now, if you haven’t already! I’ll see you there for cocktails?

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